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Hello beauties!

Since the legendary Stone by Dose of Colors that was once limited edition in their Terra Collection is now in their permanent line, I just had to place an order and get it myself. When browsing through their site I also came across a colour called Truffle which seemed like a more nude version of Stone, so I grabbed this one too.

Today I am giving you a review of these two liquid lipsticks, including some swatches and comparisons.


Let's be real, this packaging is absolutely stunning. I don't know why but I just love it so much. The tube looks so chic, especially with the matte glass. The top is a beautiful white colour with silver, I completely adore it. These would look gorgeous out on your vanity to show off!

Colour Selection

The colour selection on their site is not really wide as far as the amount of different colours they orffer goes, but they do have all the colours that you would ever need. There's three different nude/ish colours, a coral, a red, a purple, a pink.. every colour you would ever need, they have it.


These liquid lipsticks are hella pigmented. I personally use one layer on my lips and can even use what comes out on the brush on both lips, no need to get more product out of the tube. I cannot tell you how it would be with bigger lips since mine are not really big in any way, but I think you'd definitely not need to go in the tube for more product more than twice. So these products are definitely going to last you a long time.

Staying Power

These have incredible staying power. I put them on in the morning and they will usually still look perfect at the end of the day, no lie. I do like to re-apply them once during the day whenever I feel like my lips are getting a bit too dry, but I would definitely not have to because they still look flawless. These do come off on cups and glasses but for some reason it does not irritate the way they look on my lips.

Finish & Feel

When they say matte, they mean matte. I do have to exfoliate my lips and moisturize them very good before applying these when I know I'm going to wear them for a couple of hours / the entire day because they do dry out my lips quite badly. These do accentuate the lines on my lips quite a lot I find but whenever I wear them, I just try to smile most of the time so it's not noticable. When it comes to the feel, you do feel them on the lips because I find they do not dry like completely. I feel like they do stay just a tiny bit tacky so it feels a bit sticky when you put your lips together, but it's nothing crazy bothering.

f.l.t.r.: DOC liquid lipstick in Truffle, DOC liquid lipstick in Stone

As you can see on the swatches, Stone has a lot more pinky, mauve tones to it while Truffle is a lot more nudish, brown in tone. I personally prefer to wear Stone because I am absolutely in love with these mauve pink colours right now but Truffle is such an amazing nude shade as well.

In my personal opinion, Dose of Colors makes one of the best liquid lipsticks out there and I honestly cannot wait for them to bring out more colours because I'll be all over them!

See you next week

xox, Julia

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