What fits inside my Louis Vuitton Alma BB?

 Hello beauties!

I recently posted my Louis Vuitton Unboxing where I show you my very first luxury handbag purchase, the Alma BB in Damier Ebene (here). As you can probably tell from the pictures on that blogpost, or you just are familiar with the Alma BB, you know it's a pretty small bag. Plus it is quite structured so if you fill it with stuff, it might end up not closing anymore.

If you are considering the Alma BB but are unsure about the size, this blogpost is for you. I will show you what fits inside this little beauty to give you a reference on whether it is too small for your needs or if it's a bag to consider.

Let's get into it.

This is how the bag looks filled with all my stuff. As you can see it all fits very nicely in there. I would say I could probably fit in a pair of sunglasses without the case nicely, maybe not being able to close the bag fully. When I tried putting them in with a case, it would absolutely not close anymore.

First of all I have my keys with this fur pom pom on it (which takes up quite a lot of space but it keeps the keys from sliding to the bottom of the bag which makes it easier to find them).

I also have my Ted Baker wallet (here) which fits all my cards as well as some coins in. I usually don't have any cash with me so a small wallet like this is perfect for me. I've always want a card holder but the fact that I do need coins quite often makes this a lot more practical.

Next I have a small pack of tissues because obviously a big pack would take up a lot of space. I always have to have tissues, especially in the winter time I tend to get ill quite often so tissues are a life saver. Nobody wants to be stuck with a running nose without being able to blow it.

Then I have this make up bag from Clinique (similar) with all my essentials like handcream, some medication, a mirror, a hair brush, wet wipes, MAC Faux lipstick, a travel perfume bottle (with Lancome's La vie est belle), a hair tie, just all little bits that I want to find again in case I need them instead of having to take out the entire content of my bag.

I also have my Elizabeth Arden lip balm (here) which is one of my favourite lip balms of all time.

Then at the bottom of my bag I have a granola bar in case I'm out and about and need a little bit of food, a Swarovski pen (here) because you never know when you're going to need a pen, chewing gum, my apple headphones and my charger.

For the purpose of the video I wanted to show you how and if you could fit an iPad Mini. Mine is the Mini 4 which has a bit of different dimensions than the older version, so I am not sure how the older iPad Minis would fit.

As you can see, even with a case, my iPad fits in there absolutely perfect. It does take up quite a lot of space but if you wanted to, you could fit in your iPad Mini 4.

I really hope this was helpful to some of you, or interesting to see what I carry in my everyday bag anyway!

xox, Julia

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