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We all know the problem: We've been watching too many Youtube videos and read a lot of Beauty Blogs and now we want to run out and buy every single product we have been told about on Social Media. I know I have been there so I decided to dedicate a whole blogpost on products that Youtube made me buy and give you my personal thoughts on each product, telling you if it is worth all the hype or if you should save yourself the money.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

This is a cult classic and I am sure we have all owned this one at some point in time. I don't think there any Youtube guru out there that has not at least once used the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. I personally love this concealer a lot. It has great coverage which is why I like to use it more as a foundation than a concealer. The only issue I have with it is that the lightest shade is NW15 (or NC15 depending on your skin tone) which is more of a summer shade for me. I wish it would come in NW13 or NW10, other than that I absolutely love this one and I have re-purchased it many many times already.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

I thank Youtube for hyping up this concealer because it is by far my favourite one I have ever tried. What I especially love about it is the fact that the shade range is amazing and their lightest shade (Fair Neutral) is actually really fair which means I can actually use it to highlight in the summer even on my pale skin. In the winter time I use it all over my face instead of my MAC Pro Longwear in NW15 because in the colder month, NW15 is quite a bit too dark for me while the Fair Neutral shade from UD matches my skin colour perfectly.

I highly recommend this concealer, I love it for under the eyes and all over the face instead of a foundation.

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

These are all over Youtube and the blogging world and will probably never go away. I think that Urban Decay's Naked palettes are probably the most famous eyeshadows palettes out there. No other palettes have been duped and "copied" as much as these ones.. and for a good reason.

I personally only own the Naked 1 and Naked 2 as well as the Naked 2 Basics palette because I find the shades in 1 & 2 are the most wearable for me. I did buy the Naked 3 when it came out but since it has more pinky, purple shades, I barely ever used it and sold it at some point. I also found the quality of the Naked 3 to be the most powdery and it definitely had the most fall-out. I do indeed love the Naked 1 and 2 though and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great neutral, everyday eyeshadows. The Naked 2 basics is also one of my favourite neutral palettes if I want to just throw some matte shadow in the crease and be good to go.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Laura Mercier is definitely famous for her loose powders. It is either this one or the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder that everyone and their mother uses. I decided to go for the Secret Brightening Powder because since I am extremely fair, it is hard to come across a concealer that is light enough to act as an "highlight", so I thought this powder might help add more highlight to my undereye area, which it definitely does. I don't use this one all over the face but only on the areas on my face that I want to highlight, like my undereyes, forehead and chin and it works absolutely fabulous. My undereyes are always poppin when I use this powder to set my foundation/concealer.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

These concealers were definitely a fail product for me. I ordered three different ones, Porcelain as a normal concealer, a dark brown shade for a cream contour and the Orange shade. For some reason they are so hard to get out of the tube, I have to squeeze extremely hard to get out any kind of product and then when I get some out, I find they are not easily blendable at all. Also, the Porcelain shade as a concealer made me break out so I stopped using it compeltely, the shade was a little too yellow for me as well. The contour shade was absolutely horrible, it would not blend at all and the Orange shade I do use from time to time to colour correct my dark circles but it is definitely not my favourite.

The LA Girl Pro Concealers are extremely affordable so it's not that much of money that I lost but I cannot recommend these to you. I'd much more recommend the Maybelline Fit Me or the Instant Age Rewind or NYX HD Concealers if you want an affordable concealer.

MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows

If you want affordable single eyeshadows to create your personalized palette, MakeUp Geek is definitely the one to go for! I absolutely love their shadows, they are 6$ each I believe and the pan is just a little bigger than the MAC single shadows (so they do still fit in the empty MAC palettes).

I don't have anything bad to say about these shadows, I highly recommend you checking them out if you are looking for great affordable single eyeshadows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

This is the first contour kit I bought and still own to this day. I personally love the shades in the Fair/Medium kit for my skin tone and I find them easy to blend, the colours are perfect, the pigmentation is just right as to where you still get a lot of colour pay-off with one time but can build them up if you want the intensity to be higher.

I know this product is definitely a Hit or Miss for most people, you either love it or hate it but for me I absolutely love the Anastasia contour kit and I would always recommend it.

NYX Taupe Blush

This was the very first "contouring" product I have ever bought because at that time it was the most hyped contouring powder on Youtube. Since I didn't know how to contour or if I would even like it on my face, I decided to grab this instead of a high-end product because NYX is quite affordable.

I have to say I did not really end up using it all too much just because I didn't get on with contouring and now that I have my Anastasia Contour Kit, I barely reach for the NYX Taupe blush, but it is actually a very good contouring powder if you are fair/medium skin toned and want a really cool toned shade for your contour.

NARS Ita Brush

The first thing I want to get right out of the way, yes this is an hella expensive brush and no it is not worth it. Don't get me wrong, this brush is absolutely fabulous, I love it more than any other brush for contouring but the price point is just ridiculous. This is a 55€ brush and I personally think if you get a dupe for it on Ebay or Aliexpress, you will probably still get the same exact effect with that one and they are probably not even 5€.

I definitely recommend the brush to anyone who can afford it and/or doesn't mind spending the money on it. If you want it, but don't have the budget, go for the Ebay dupes but definitely get one, I love love love it.

The Original BeautyBlender

We cannot watch any Youtube video without the BeautyBlender being involved. I would always use the drugstore dupes because I wouldn't want to spend 20€ on a little beauty sponge (my detailed comparison between Original and Dupe can be read here), but one day I was just feeling spendy and got myself the Original BeautyBlender and I don't regret it one bit. I personally don't think it is worth 20€ but it does the blending job so much better than any brush I have ever used.

I honestly don't like blending my foundation and concealer with a brush at all, I only use the BeautyBlender (or a dupe if I don't have the original on hand).

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Mary-Lou Manizer was the very first "Youtube Made Me Buy It" kind of product that I have ever bought and it is probably the one product that made me fall in love with make-up so much more. I got this years ago and I still absolutely love it. It is probably the most intense highlighter and also the colour is to die for even for very fair people like me. I cannot recommend this highlighter enough, it is absolutely gorgeous. It's probably going to be my favourite one forever.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Over the past year, Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfectors have been all over Youtube and Social Media. They do cost quite a bit of money but since people would never stop talking about it, I did get myself Moonstone and I absolutely do not regret it one bit. I love the colour, it is quite similar to Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm but not as intense, so it's probably a lot better suited for everyday use. For fair skin, I definitely recommend going with Moonstone and not Opal, if you have a medium skin tone, Opal would probably look a lot better on you.

If I had to recommend only one highlighter, I would suggest you go for theBalm because it's a lot more affordable and intense. But I do love Moonstone by Becca a lot too!

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks

When everyone started loving liquid lipsticks, Dose of Colors was one of the brands that people seemed to love, especially since MakeupByAnna, a Instagram MUA, is the founder of the company. They are the first actual liquid lipsticks (apart from the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams) that I have ever tried. One of the main reasons why I got them was because of Amanda Ensing wearing their Stone shade constantly and it looking absolutely stunning on her.

I do like them and I find them quite comfortable to wear on the lips even for several hours. The DOC liquid lipsticks are definitely one of my favourites, I like them a lot better than the Colourpop or the ColouredRaine ones.

Benefit They're Real / Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit's They're Real mascara was the very first high end mascara I have ever tried and it was the mascara I fell in love with right away and have been in love with ever since. It makes my lashes look absolutely amazing. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I find it dries out very quickly for the price since it is already a quite dry formula, it doesn't last longer than a month.

Roller Lash is the newest mascara Benefit came out with and of course I had to try it too after loving They're Real so much. I do like the Roller Lash too, but I find it to be a bit too natural looking for me. I love big, long, voluminous lashes. It does hold a curl a hella lot better than the They're Real mascara does though.

If I had to choose, I would always pick They're Real over Roller Lash, but they are both good mascaras so it all depends on what you like for your eyelashes.

This is all the products for now, if you guys like this kind of post, I will definitely continue doing it again as soon as I have enough product for another one together!

xox, Julia

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