My Handbag Wishlist 2016

Legend: 1. Givenchy Antigona, 2. Céline Micro Luggage, 3. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, 4. Balenciaga Classic City Bag, 5. Chanel Square Mini Flap, 6. Chloé Small Faye Bag

Hello lovelies!

If you have been following my blog and/or social media or just know me in person, you would know that recently I have been absolutely obsessed with designer handbags. Just in the beginning of the year I purchased my very first luxury designer handbag (check out my unboxing here) and ever since then, I just kept adding and adding to my wishlist. So today, I decided I would share my not so little designer handbag wishlist for 2016.

Givenchy - Small Antigona

The Antigona is definitely the bag that started my love for designer handbags. I think it's the most beautiful bag, it's so classic, the bag itself is very durable and structured, it comes in a few different sizes (mini, small, medium) but I think the small Antigona has a pretty good size, it fits quite a lot but it's not too big. It will probably be on top of my wishlist always.

Celine - Micro Luggage Tote

I don't know what it is about the Celine Micro Luggage Tote but I just think it looks so cool. The Luggage Tote is quite difficult, there was a phase where everyone carried one of these but now they are not that trendy anymore but it doesn't bother me. It may not be a classic bag like the Chanel flap bags but it has such a unique design, I love it. I would carry this bag no matter if it was "in" or already "out", I love it anyway.

Saint Laurent - Sac de Jour

Another structured, black bag, how else could it be? The Sac de Jour looks so good though. I find the sides of the bag make it very interesting for a classic, all black bag too. I cannot describe to you what it is about the Sac de Jour but to me it just looks incredibly beautiful. I would absolutely love to own this bag!

Balenciaga - Classic City Bag

The only bag on my wishlist that is not a structured bag, ha. Who would have thought? But I honestly don't even prefer structured bags over slouchy ones. I love both styles for different reasons and different occasions. I have loved the Balenciaga Classic City for years and years. It's probably the first designer bag I ever obsessed over. I remember when High School Musical came out and Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, all the big stars from that time were seen carrying a Balenciaga and I was like "What is this bag?? It looks so cool I need that", but I was like 15 years old so of course I couldn't have it. But I am still to this day loving the Balenciaga Classic City and hope to own one one day!

Chanel - Mini Flap

I'm honestly not the biggest fan of Chanel flap bags, probably because I'm only 21 years old and the Chanel flap bags are just very chic and lady-like, so I cannot see myself using one of those. Different story with the mini flap though. Isn't it the cutest little bag ever? I love crossbody bags anyway and of course Chanel will always be a very special brand to any fashion lover so owning a Chanel is definitely a dream but I prefer the mini flap over the bigger sizes.

Chloé - Small Faye Bag

The only bag that isn't black but it's still structured. As I said, I love a good crossbody bag especially when you go out shopping or you're out and about in the city, on vacation doing a little city trip.. all these situations need a crossbody bag. I cannot be bothered to carry a bag in my hands or on the crook of my arm for several hours. I like the Faye bag for the classic look but the chain gives it a little more edge which means you could wear it dressed up but also dressed down with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket and it would still look gorgeous. With a bag like the Chanel flap or the YSL Sac de Jour I find that they are more of a dressy bag while the Faye has the best of both worlds.

So these are all the bags on my wishlist, of course they change a lot because I just cannot get enough of designer bags right now but I hope you enjoyed reading about my current wishlist anyway!

xox, Julia

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