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Hello beauties!

As you saw in one of my recently blogposts called "My Fashion Staples", I told you I was getting a lot more into fashion the past couple of months just because I think I have found the perfect face/make up routine for my skin and for my liking, where I only switch out one or two products max, just to try out different products from time to time. I thought after saying that, it was only right to also share these staple beauty products with you guys!

A Good Moisturizer

A good moisturizer for your personal skin type is the most important thing. Not only does a good moisturizer provide the perfect base for make-up but also keeps your face dewy and fresh. If you don't take good care of your skin, you'll see signs of aging a lot quicker. A good moisturizer is the key to healthy looking skin, with or without make-up on top.

My personal skin type is quite dry on the cheeks and my T-Zone is more normal, sometimes even oily. For my face I have been using the L'Oreal Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser, and for my forehead only I use the La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Legere because the L'Oreal one is too heavy for my forehead and causes it to get little bumps.

The Right Foundation / Concealer For Your Skin Tone + Type

This step is optional, I personally know a lot of people with a perfect, flawless skin tone so there is really no need for them to use foundation or concealer. I am extremely fair and suffer from quite a lot of redness especially on my cheeks and nose, which I like to cover up. I have not found a good foundation yet, especially because I am so fair, but I love to use concealer instead of foundation. I usually use MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NW15 all over my face in a light layer, then highlight under the eyes, down the nose, on the chin and forehead with my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral.

With foundation it's important that you get it in the right shade. It's also important to know your undertone, foundation usually come in warm (for yellow undertoned skin) and cool (for pink undertoned skin) or a neutral shade.

It is also very important to use the right products for your skin type. If you have very dry skin you might stay away from heavy duty foundations as they usually tend to cling onto the dry patches and make your face look cakey very quickly. Dry skin types might use a luminous primer as well as a light hydrating foundation. If you are oily, you can get away with using thicker, matte foundations.

A Fine Powder To Set The Face

Even if my skin is a bit more on the dry side, I still like to set my foundation and concealer with powder so that any bronzer, blush or highlighter I put on top blend a lot easier. Also I really don't like the feeling of sticky make-up on my face.

With face powder you should definitely make sure it's a fine powder that doesn't make you look cakey. Also, I would not recommend setting your foundation with a powder foundation, unless you want to change the colour of your foundation or want a little more coverage. Powder foundations will usually make your face look cakey very quickly if you use them so set your face. I love the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder to set my face, as well as the Essence All About Matte Powder if you want a cheaper alternative.

Highlighter On Fleek

If you like dewy, glowy skin like me then a good staple highlighter cannot be missing in your make-up collection. My very first highlighter I ever bought was thebalm Mary-Lou Manizer and it is still my favourite. It is what made me fall in love with highlighting and I have to say this step is probably what I love most about putting on make-up. Another one of my favourites is Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone. I would recommend staying away from very glittery highlighters, these tend to look the most unnatural on the skin. I prefer intense, shimmery highlighters without any harsh glitter sparkles because they reflect the light nicely.

A Brow Product

I used to never even think of doing my brows. Then one day I decided to purchase the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and I fell in love. I'm not the biggest fan of really bold brows, but I do like to fill them in lightly and comb through them. Even if I go bare faced, I always at least comb through my brows to bring all the brow hairs in place. Brows really frame your face and add so much to any make-up look. Ever since filling in my brows, I am in love. If you are more into extremely natural brows or are just blessed with great brows, you can also just use a tinted brow gel like Benefit Gimme Brow or ModelCo More Brows. These products give hold to your brows, as well as a little bit of a tint.

Mascara For Beautiful Eyes

If I only had to choose one beauty product that I cannot live without it would definitely be mascara. It is the one beauty product that if I don't feel 100% comfortable without make-up, I will at least put on some mascara and I'm good to go. A good mascara is just really going to open up the eyes. My favourite mascara of all time is Benefit They're Real, and my current favourite one is the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp and the Lancome Grandiose.

Perfect Nude Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

A nude lipstick is definitely a staple in any make-up collection. Nudes are a good everyday shade but personally I find it really hard to find the right shade for your skin tone. I don't think every skin tone can automatically pull off any nude lipstick. There is definitely so many nude shades out there, all to be kind of different which is why most girls have tons of nude lipsticks.. Trust me, they are indeed all a bit different. Some have a brown undertone, while others are more pink, yellow, neutral. My absolute favourite nude lipstick is MAC Faux (even though this one is more mauve toned). If I had to name my all time favourite nude-nude, it would probably be MAC Honeylove.

These were all my beauty products that I definitely need in my collection or if I am going on holiday. See you next week!

xox, Julia

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