MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish // REVIEW

Hello beauties!

MAC recently came out with new Extra Dimension Skinfinishes for their new In The Spotlight collection which also has four new Strobe Cream shades. They had the Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the past but always part of limited edition collections. For example their famous Whisper of Gilt highlight was an Extra Dimension Skinfinish as well.

Other highlights MAC does are the Mineralize Skinfinish and their cream highlights Cream Colour Base. I personally am not the biggest fan of the Mineralize Skinfinishes because I find them to be quite glittery and I don't like my highlight to be super glittery and end up with sparkles all over my face by the end of the day. Their Cream Colour Base I have never tried but I definitely want to.

I had never tried the limited edition Extra Dimension Skinfinish so I was really excited to finally get my hands on them and try them for myself. There are four new shades called "Soft Frost" decribed as a white that breaks violet, "Doublegleam" which is a beige that breaks silver, "Beaming Blush" that MAC descibes as a pink that breaks gold and last but not least "Show Gold", a peach that breaks pink. From those descriptions you can probably tell that the new Extra Dimension Skinfinish shades are more of duo-chrome shades. Personally I think duo-chrome is a lot harder to wear in day to day life and I would probably not do so. From the swatches online and the research I have done, the colours Doublegleam and Show Gold might be the easiest to wear. Soft Frost with the voilet sheen is definitely the most out there out of all of them.

But, here we go with the actual review.


The new Extra Dimension Skinfinish comes in the classic old MAC packaging. For the Mineralize Skinfinish and their powders MAC changed their packaging a while back, but they seem to have gone back to their old packaging for these ones.

I personally don't mind the packaging, even though I really liked their new Mineralize Skinfinish packaging with the magnetic closure.

Colour & Performance

I decided to go with the shade Doublegleam because it seemed to be a nice colour even for my fair skin, while Beaming Blush and Show Gold seem to look a lot better on medium to dark skin tones.

On the first look it immediately reminded me a lot of thebalm Mary-Lou Manizer, which I compared the two shades at the end of the post.

MAC's official description of a "beige that breaks silver" is very accurate if you ask me. It is a very nice beige highlight that reflects quite a bit silver and cool toned which makes it suitable for fair skin really nicely.

On the swatch on my hand it looked like a very nice sheen rather than glitters, but as you put them on the face and look in the mirror in the right lights, you can definitely notice very small glitters on your face, which I personally don't mind too much.

I find it to be a nice consistency, it's not too powdery and chalky, not too creamy either. It's quite hard to the touch but applies beautifully onto the skin.

Comparison to Mary-Lou

In the pan, they both look very similar to each other. Excuse my ratchet Mary-Lou, it shattered so I put it back together with rubbing alcohol (works just as good as before, but doesn't look that attractive anymore).

When they are swatched next to each other, you can see that Mary-Lou Manizer has a bit more gold tones than the DoubleGleam Extra Dimension Skinfinish.

left: thebalm Mary-Lou Manizer, right: MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in DoubleGleam
I must say that from the colour of the two, I prefer MAC DoubleGleam on my fair skin a bit better. If I compare the two from consistency, how they wear, pigmentation etc. I'd stay I still love thebalm Mary-Lou the best out of all my highlighters.


I especially like the MAC DoubleGleam Extra Dimension Skinfinish for the shade of it. It's a nice cool toned highlighter which makes it perfect for my super fair skin. I would love it a lot more if it weren't as glittery because I have been looking for a great highlight that is more of a wet finish rather than glitters, but I don't mind it too much. I just wish I'd have found that with this highlighter. If you have any recommendations for good highlighters with less glitter, please do let me know in the comments!

All in all I think these new Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are a very nice product. Recently MAC has been stepping up their game a lot more so be sure to see a MAC counter and try their new products and collections.

xox, Julia

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