BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette // REVIEW

Hello beauties!

After seeing several tutorials on Youtube, I decided to finally purchase some beauty guru make up products from Bh Cosmetics. First up on my list is the Carli Bybel 10 color eyeshadow and 4 color highlighter palette. Let's get into the swatches and review!

The Palette

The palette itself has a magnetic closure. In the top it has a decent sized mirror with a quote underneath saying "Aspire to Inspire".

Coming to the actual products inside, there are two rows of 10 smaller pan eyeshadows that are all quite bronze and warm shades.

The bottom row has larger pans that are 4 different shades of highlighter. Obviously, you can use the eyeshadows as highlighter or the highlighters as eyeshadows as well. 
The highlighters are great because there is a shade for everyone, we have a light rosy colour, slowly going darker with the last one being a deep bronze. So I like the fact that the palette is very versatile and can be used no matter what your skin tone might be.

The Eyeshadows

If you can tell by the swatches, the first row was a bit patchy and hard to swatch on my arms. The first row contains more matte shades while the second row only has shimmery shades.
The mattes are not my favourite. The shimmer shades though are beautiful and feel amazing to the touch. 

Personally it is not my favourite palette since these are mostly warm toned shades which I'm not that big of a fan of. I prefer my eyeshadows to be cool toned because I find that with my cool toned and really fair skin, it just looks a lot better.

The Highlighters

Just like the shimmery shades from the eyeshadows, the highlighters are also very beautiful. As you can tell, the two darker shades are definitely not suited for my skin tone but can be used as eyeshadows. The 2nd shade is more of a summer, tan highlighter for me while I can still use the very first rosy highlighter in the winter as well.

Recently I have been a lot more into the rosy, cool toned highlighters while in the summer I did love my champagne, goldy kind of highlighters.

Would I recommend?

It is definitely not a bad palette. The shimmer shades and highlighters are beautiful, they blend easily. The mattes are not the best but for the price the overall palette is definitely worth it.

If you are into the shades that come in the Carli Bybel Palette, you should definitely give it a shot. For me, the shades are not what I would typically go for so it's not going to get the love it would deserve. 

xox, Julia

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