Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminator // REVIEW

Today I wanted to give you a look into the Dior Nude Air Illuminator, since Dior recently re-released a few shades of their old limited edition collections of the Nude Air Illuminator. So what better time to share my thoughts on their Glowing Gardens Illuminator than now?


As it is Dior, of course the packaging has to be killing it. The illuminator itself comes in a little velvet pouch with CD embossed on it.

The compact itself is this gorgeous silver colour with an incredible design on it. Do you not just want to buy it for the compact packaging? Heavenly.

The illuminator also comes with a tiny little dome shaped brush which I personally do not use, especially for highlighting I think it's quite a weird brush but maybe you'll find it useful for something.

The compact also has a big mirror inside which I always appreciate in a product because it makes it super easy to use on the go if you quickly want to touch up your concealer, powder, foundation, whatever it might be. It also means you don't have to carry an extra pocket mirror around with you if your make-up products already have their own mirror.

As you can see, the illuminator has been used quite a bit already so the beautiful embossing on the powder highlighter is basically gone but their new ones have the same design on them now, I am pretty sure.

Swatches & Comparison

The 001 shade from their old Glowing Gardens collection is this beautiful light pink, cool toned highlighter. I never really used to be a fan of pinky illuminators, I was much more of the slight champagne kind of colours which is why I did not have basically any other highlight to compare it to other than the MakeUp Forever Sculpting Duo in 01.

f.l.t.r.: Dior Nude Air Illuminator 001, MakeUp Forever Pro Sculpting Duo 01

As you can probably tell from the swatches, these two powder highlighters are extremely similar. I guess that if you had one or the other, you wouldn't need both of them unless you are an extreme make-up junkie.


The powder itself is really fine, I have to say it does not really feel like a powder to me. There is basically no kick-back when you put your brush in which is always a plus because that means you're not wasting any product.

It's also not very glittery either, I find it to be more of a natural looking highlight that gives you more of a glow from within type of look rather than a glittery stripe on your cheekbones.

If you are looking for a super intense, metallic or reflective highlighter, the Dior Nude Air Illuminators are probably not the way to go. They are definitely more for an everyday, subtle glow which makes them the perfect highlighters to put all over the face like on the sides of the forehead, the chin, on the arch of your brows to give you a natural, healthy glow without making it too obvious that you are wearing a ton of highlighter on your face.

Do I recommend it?

It depends. I am not 100% recommending these illuminators, just because they are extremely pricey, I mean they are Dior and mostly you do pay for the name and the packaging. Do you really need a dome brush like that? Not really. Do you need a little velvet pouch for your compact? Nope. So you are paying a lot of money for things you don't really need or are going to use.

If you want to splurge on an illuminator, and really love the natural glowy look then definitely take a look at the Dior counter. If you are not a fan of that and love your intense over-the-top highlight, then you might want to skip on those.

So it all really depends on what your budget is and what you are looking for in a highlighter.

The product itself is really great and I love it, I would definitely check out their new and re-released colours. Plus it's a real eye-catcher on your make-up vanity!

xox, Julia

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