BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette // REVIEW

The second Youtube beauty guru make-up I bought is the BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo 9 Color Eyeshadow and 9 Color Lipstick Palette. Today I will show you swatches, as well as letting you know my thoughts.

The Palette

The palette itself is double-sided. One side of the palette contains the 9 eyeshadows including a mirror, the other side contains the 9 lipstick shades and comes with a mirror as well.

I decided to keep the plastic layer on the lipstick side just because I don't want any dirt to get into the lipsticks, since lipsticks like that tend to get quite a bit messy and collect a bit of dirt or eyeshadow fall-out.

The Eyeshadows

As mentioned, the palette comes with 9 different eyeshadow shades. As you can tell, four of them are matte (first shade in the first row, first and last shade in the second row, very last shade in the bottom row) and the rest are shimmery shades.

The second to last colour is definitely a duo-chrome shade. As you can see in the palette, it looks quite a bit greenish, while in the swatch it looks more like a rusty red colour. Sadly, the duo-chrome didn't transfer from the pan to the swatch. It does work better on the eyelids when you wet your brush with Fix+ and just pat the colour on your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush rather than swiping it onto your arm, so no worries.

I like the fact that there is a matte bone colour to set your lids with, which is also not too dark to work on my very fair skin as well. The first row makes a great everyday eye look, maybe even the yellow shade added lighty into the crease.

The second and third row are quite a bit more rusty and bronze tones with the very last shade being a matte almost black for a smoky eye. Definitely a winner when there is a dark grey or black in an eyeshadow palette.

The Lipsticks

Just like the eyeshadow side, the lipstick palette includes 9 different shades as well.

As you might be able to tell by the swatches on my arm below, the very last colour is very patchy. I found that every single shade was really nice to apply, it felt nice to the touch and pigment came off right away. Only with the very last plum shade in the palette, there was no colour pay-off whatsoever. The colour felt very stiff compared to the rest and as you can see, it is not very pigmented. It was quite hard to get out any colour to swatch for you.

Personally I would not use the lipstick side of the palette, just because I find it annoying to get a lip brush and apply colour that way or if I used my fingers, I'd need to clean them or keep my fingers dirty which is just not convenient. I prefer an actual lipstick in a bullet. Nonetheless the colours are very pretty, there is definitely a good variety of shades on the palette.
You have everything from your nude, everyday shades to coral and pinks, purples, reds and a deep plum shade so if you love to switch up your lipsticks, this is definitely a good travel companion because you only have to take one palette and have 9 different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick all in one.

Would I recommend?

Depends. I would prefer the palette to just be an eyeshadow palette without the lip shades because I find them to be a waste of money and space. I'm not going to use them ever and I do know most people usually prefer a lipstick in a bullet over lip palettes.

The eyeshadows are really nice though and for the price, it doesn't really matter if there is a lip palette included or not, I reckon the price would still be the same either way.

It's a nice compact palette, the mirrors are great and it definitely doesn't feel cheap in any way. I actually really like cardboard packaging like that.

It's an affordable palette by a Youtuber I have been watching for years so I want to support her. The quality is good too, so if the shades in the palette appeal to you, I would definitely go for it.

xox, Julia

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