Nudestix Matte Lip + Cheek Pencils // REVIEW

I've never been one to wear liquid lipsticks but I enjoy the look of a matte lip. I tried so many different liquid lipsticks, but ended up giving all of them away because I just couldn't do it. I cannot stand the feeling of a liquid lipstick on my lips. Especially with my dry lips, they'd dry out my lips so badly I can only live in lip balm for a week. So if you're like me and love a matte lip, but can't deal with a liquid lipstick - I have a recommendation.

I heard several Beauty Gurus talk about Nudestix throughout the years and was always intrigued by their products and when one of my favourite beauty influencers, Melissa Alatorre, kept using their matte eye crayons on her lids I knew I had to check it out. 

When I saw the Lip + Cheek Set (x), I picked it up immediately because I love the fact that it comes with three different nude shades in mini size. I mean I don't know anybody who doesn't love miniature things and secondly, you get to try three shades for the price of one full sized crayon. 


The set comes with the shades Pixi (a true beige nude shade), Belle (a pinky mauve) and Purity (a deep dusty rose shade), as well as a sharpener. Do not be fooled and think you can twist them up, trust me you can't.

I could imagine that used on the cheeks (since they are a multi purpose product) Pixi would be the perfect natural everyday shade if you're into earthy peachy tones on your cheeks. If you have medium to deep skin, Purity would probably look amazing on you as a blush too.

f.l.t.r.: Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in shades Pixi, Belle and Purity


These are extremely matte, they almost give a bit of a powdery look on the lips if you ask me. But they are so super smooth and creamy, it's insane. The only downside to the extreme creaminess is the fact that they get super messy super quick. The packaging gets dirty so fast but once they are on the lips, there is no sliding around, no feathering, everything stays on perfectly fine.

I have never tried them as a cheek product since I'm not the best at working with cream products on the face but for the summer I imagine they'd look great and work amazingly on the face since they are so super creamy and smooth in formula. They'd probably blend out like a dream if you work quickly, since they dry down quite quickly. I'd recommend working on one cheek at a time if you do want to use them on your face.

You can get these on Niche-Beauty.

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