Saint Laurent Toy Loulou // What Fits Inside?

If you look at the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou, you definitely notice how small and compact it is. I personally think that makes a great spring/summer bag if you want to have your hands free but still have your few essential with you at all times without carrying a heavy handbag around.

My must haves are definitely my phone, sunglasses, tissues, a mini deodorant and some sort of face spray may it be a setting spray or just a spray to refresh your make up during the day. I find that the MAC Fix+ travel spray has a great size for carrying around in a small bag. And of course my keys with my Louis Vuitton Key Cles (not shown in pictures).

My regular sunglasses case would not fit inside the bag so I decided to skip the case for now and get myself one of those little dustbags for your sunglasses which barely take up any space but still give your glasses a tiny bit more protection than putting them in without anything on them.

So in the back compartment I put my iPhone 6s and over that I stored my sunglasses. In the front compartment I put my tissues, my mini sized deodorant and my MAC Fix+ travel bottle. As you can see everything fits inside perfectly and there is still enough room to put my keys on top.

For reference, I wanted to show you my Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette that I usually use as a catch-all in any of my other bags, even mini ones like the Louis Vuitton Alma BB or the Givenchy Mini Antigona where it does fit inside perfectly fine.

As you can see, the Mini Pochette is basically the same size as the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou and wouldn't go inside. Even though my Mini Pochette isn't really stuffed that much, it does not fit inside.

I also have the Louis Vuitton Sunglasses case in the PM size (discontinued) which sadly does not fit my Quay High Key Mini sunglasses but you can indeed store your Ray Ban Aviators inside. I do not own the MM sunglasses case so I wouldn't know if that one fits, but the PM definitely does fit inside the Toy Loulou. 

It fits inside perfectly fine with space on each side of the case. There is also enough room to put other things on top of the sunglasses case. You could definitely fit your MAC Fix+ travel spray on one side of the case and put your keys on top.

I'm really happy with my purchase and I do recommend it if you're looking for a mini crossbody bag. For me, it fits just everything that I really do need and I don't have a chance to overstuff my bag with things that I don't even use.

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