Saint Laurent Toy Loulou // UNBOXING

Spring and summer are slowly approaching us which means hot weather, going on vacations and sweating too. If you know me, you know I hate to be hot and I hate it even more to be sweating. In summer I despise wearing big bags that just get so heavy over time and really just make you feel even hotter than you already are. 

Basically, I wanted a nice small and lightweight crossbody bag for spring and summer that I could wear on a daily basis to carry my must have essentials and that I could also take on vacation with me for the evenings. So something that looks casual but dressy at the same time.

Here she is, the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou bag in the black leather.

In all honesty, it is indeed a very small bag that does not fit a huge amount but definitely can carry your essentials like your phone, a small wallet, keys and sunglasses. 

The inside of the bag is very simple and classy, it's divided into two sections while there is also a slit in between for you to put papers. On the back there is a small zipper compartment which I always find useful in bags. I just always feel a little bit more secure if there is a zipper pocket in the bag of my bags.

On the other side of the bag, so in the section in the front there are a few card slots if you don't want or have space to carry an actual wallet, you can use this bag kind of like a wallet on chain too. I love that feature even though I use my Louis Vuitton Key Cles to store my cards and barely takes up any space in any bag, I find that this is a genius idea for a mini bag.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the Saint Laurent Toy Loulou. It's a super lightweight bag that looks elegant but casual at the same time depending on your outfit. I find it's also a great piece for your first designer bag because with 950€ retail price it's a lot cheaper than most luxury handbags are. 

The strap is also detachable as well as adjustable so if you need your bag to be just a little shorter or longer, it's always a plus to be able to adjust your strap length.

If you want to shop designer, I recommend, especially if you are in Europe. Their range is fantastic, they have amazing return policies and their sales are amazing. If you want to sign up there, you can use my referral link here and get 40€ off of your first order :)


  1. I love this bag! I don't have any YSL yet but I love them!

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    1. Definitely check them out! I love their bags and quality :)