Chanel Classic Small Wallet // UNBOXING & FIRST IMPRESSION

I just got home from my little day trip to the Chanel Boutique in Vienna so what better time to sit down and unbox what I got with you guys. This is my very first Chanel SLG (Small Leather Good) so I have to share the experience.

It comes in this beautiful felt cover up which I honestly did not expect to be this amazing quality. I know it's just a little felt dustbag, no big deal, but online I find that it didn't look that special. But in reality it is actually made so well and high quality. 

And here it is - my new Chanel Classic Small Wallet in grained (caviar) calfskin with silver hardware. For reference, the dimensions according to the Chanel website are 10.5 x 11.5cm and 3cm in depth (4.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches). There are a few different options to this wallet, it comes in silver or gold hardware, as well as regular lambskin or the caviar leather which I got. They also do seasonal colours, for example right now for summer 2018, they also do it in a bright yellow (and maybe even green). 

The front looks like your classic Chanel Flap bag which I think is just adorable and so pretty. I love Chanel Classics, they are so beautiful so until I can finally buy a Jumbo, this is going to be my little baby. 

On the back there is a little zip compartment where you can put in a few coins. It doesn't stretch out too wide so I don't think there is room for a lot of loose coins but still better than no coin compartment at all in my opinion.

When you open it up, you can see it has three card slots on each side of the wallet, so 6 card slots in total. I personally think that's a great amount, it means you can have your drivers license, your credit and/or debit card, your health insurance card with you at all times and there is still space for some extra cards as well.

If you look closely, you can see it has one big compartment in the back for your cash, as well as a compartment between that and the card slots on each sides which you can put things like receipts or just loose papers you need with you. 

I think that's a cute little touch, not really necessary for me personally but I do think that's quite nice to have. That doesn't take up any extra space in the wallet so it doesn't make a huge difference if the card slots were sewed on to the cash compartment or if you have that extra little bit of space for papers and receipts so I don't mind it.

First Impression

My first impression in the boutique was that it is still a big wallet. It looks a hundred times smaller on pictures and videos online. If you're looking for a little wallet to carry in your mini crossbody bags, I doubt this will fit inside. And if it does, there is probably barely any room for other things in your bag.

I also noticed that the wallet is super stiff and hard. I have no experience with Chanel handbags or SLGs so I don't know if that's just their leather or if it softens up quickly or not at all but it does bother me a tiny bit.

I love new beautiful quality pieces but I do also love the worn-in type of look. Which means I love my handbags and SLGs slouchy and worn-in but still looking clean, not much wear like scratches etc. So the fact that this looks so brand new and untouched, it's making me feel a little uncomfortable. I'm hoping the leather softens up with use and I'm going to be a happy little camper.

Another thing I noticed when I switched into the wallet from my Louis Vuitton Key Cles that I used as a card holder, is that the card slots need to open up a bit. The card slots are not a tight fit at all which I appreciate so much, but they're not opened up as wide (if that makes any sense). So getting your cards in and out is a bit of a struggle because I'm constantly trying to get the card slot to open. Getting your cards out is easy, they fit in perfectly. But getting them back in is a bit harder just because the soft leather on the inside doesn't stay stretched out, it just quickly molds in with the rest of the wallet again as soon as you take your card out.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase, I love the look of the wallet, it's absolutely stunning. I also love the way it's all layed out on the inside, the fact that there is space for paper cash, coins and also cards and it's still a fairly good size, not too big but not too small either. I'm just a bit concerned it doesn't get softer and easier to use but keeping my fingers crossed.

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