I just came back today from a two day trip which also consistent of me going to Munich to the Celine Boutique to check out their Belt Bags. I knew I wanted either a Nano or Micro size, preferably in light taupe, grey or black. In the back of my mind, my favourite though was the Nano in Light Taupe - which is what I ended up getting.

General Info & Features

The Nano Belt Bag retails for 1,400€ currently and is the smallest size out of them all. You can see that it has no pocket in the back (the Micro size and all the bigger ones do have a zip pocket in the back). The strap is adjustable with 7 different holes, incredible if you ask me because it means you have a wide variety of length you can make it to. Also the strap is detachable. 

On the bottom of the bag, there are no metal feet to protect the bottom. The Micro Belt Bag does not have any feet either, the Mini size on the other hand does have four little metal feet on each corner to give a bit more protection.

The opening of the Nano Belt Bag is different from the other sizes. This one has a magnetic snap closure while the others have a little button in the top flap and a little hole on the body of the bag and you have to hook the button in. A lot of people complain about the closure on the Belt Bags but I tried the other ones on as well and I personally didn't find it too hard to close them either.

Under the flap there is also a zipper to secure the bag/your belongings even further. I own a Celine Luggage bag as well and I have to say the zipper on the Luggage compared to this Belt Bag is absolutely garbage. The Luggage has such a tough zipper and I find it extremely hard to close/open the bag. This one on the other hand is super smooth and great quality.

The inside of the bag is full on suede of amazing quality. It feels so soft but I know that suede does in fact age not as great. I do love the look of it though so I don't mind it too much. It has no additional pocket on the inside, it's just one big compartment. The Micro size does have an additional pocket on the inside though, if that's what you prefer.

What fits inside?

In the first picture I added only my essentials. I put in the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in Damier Ebene with things like lip balm, tampon, a hair bobble etc. inside. I also have my little purple suede sunglasses case which houses my Quay x Desi Perkins Mini High Key sunnies. Also I have my keys, car key and Louis Vuitton Key Cles for cards. I also have a pack of mini tissues. 

You can see there is still a lot of room for other things left, so my iPhone 8 Plus (I do take pictures with it though) does also fit inside comfortably. The SA in the Celine store also showed me that a full size wallet fits inside perfectly as well.

For reference, I decided to show you that my Louis Vuitton Agenda MM in Monogram does also fit inside even with all the other stuff. You can seeit does stretch out in the front a bit but I tried closing the bag up with the flap and the button still snapped close perfectly fine. It also didn't alter the shape of the bag too much either (only closed up though).

I think it's a perfect size for everyday use to fit your essential things but can also fit a bit more if you need to. If you needed to carry a 0,5l water bottle, it fits inside as well with my essentials. I'm very happy with my purchase but if you want just a bit more room, the Micro size would be a better choice for you. Keep in mind though, the Nano is the only size with an adjustable strap. So if you're small, you might want to try them on in store to make sure the strap on the Micro is not too long for you since it is also meant for crossbody use. 

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  1. Pls can u show me where the serial number is located