My Luxury SLG (Small Leather Goods) Collection // 2018

My entire SLG collection consist of Louis Vuitton pieces because I personally prefer to have canvas pieces for inside my handbags because they're a lot more durable and carefree. I'd hate to have a super expensive Chanel make-up bag in lambskin leather and have it ruined by the things I have floating around inside my handbag.

Keep in mind that I don't have any specific order for these.

1. Louis Vuitton Cosmetics Case PM, Monogram

The first piece I ever got was this Cosmetics Case in the PM size that I bought off of Vestiaire Collective. I was obsessed with second hand websites at that time and thought it was in great condition, with box and dustbag for a good price so I treated myself.

I use it every single day since I got it back in the beginning of 2017 and I never had a doubt about it. It's a great make-up bag that fits a ton of things and is easy to clean because of the inside material.

2. Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette, Damier Ebene

I use this as a catch-all for my smaller handbags because the LV Cosmetics Case is a bit too big for my mini/crossbody bags but the Mini Pochette fits perfectly in every single one of my handbags (except the YSL Toy Loulou).

It still looks brand new even though I use it all the time. I love the fact that you could also use it as a tiny little clutch for going out, it definitely fits a card holder, keys, lipstick and maybe your phone if you have a small one.

Definitely not a necessary item but one that I do truly love to bits.

3. Louis Vuitton Key Cles, Monogram

If you asked me "What's the best luxury purchase you ever made?", I'd hands-down always say it's my LV Key Cles. It's only 140€ which is an amazing price for a Louis Vuitton item and extremely useful.

I've always been someone to pay with cards, I hardly ever have any cash on me and if I do, it's usually like 5€ max. I don't even own a wallet anymore at this point because I use this thing on the daily. I love the fact that you can attach your keys on the hook and have your cards on the inside, and if you have a little bit of cash, it does fit too. It's such a easy item, you can just grab it and go if you don't feel like carrying a handbag with you and done - you have everything you need.

I'd recommend it to everyone out there tbh.

4. Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Case PM, Monogram

I have an obsession with sunglasses in general and what bothers me the most is when gorgeous sunglasses come with a crappy case. Why would you make amazing bomb ass sunglasses and put them in a ugly case? I don't understand.

So I bought it with the purpose of using it for my sunglasses but since LV discontinued their sunglasses case, I had never seen one in person and didn't know if the PM or GM is a better choice. I could only find the PM at that time on the pre-loved market (keep in mind either of them are extremely hard to come by these days) and it ended up not fitting any of my sunglasses. So I do use it now for my prescription glasses that fit in perfectly.

My advice if you own sunglasses in a size comparable to sunnies like the Quay High Key Minis, they will not fit in the PM case so you are better off trying to find it in the GM size.

5. Louis Vuitton Agenda MM, Monogram

Even though I barely have any appointments, I've always loved the Louis Vuitton Agendas. My beloved Fiancé got this one for me for Christmas in 2017. We checked them out in store beforehand and I decided that the MM size would be best for me. I never carry it around with me so I don't need it to be as small as the PM Agenda, but the GM is definitely a big, heavy agenda. The MM Agenda is the perfect in-between and has nice sized papers to comfortably write in.

I got a lot more into planning and writing lists since I got the agenda and I love looking for new papers and random things to put inside your planner. In 2018 it really wasn't what I imagined my agenda to look like but for 2019 I got a few more accessories and I'm so excited to start planning in the new year.

6. Louis Vuitton Passport Holder

Another one that is definitely not a necessity but I personally love it. I'd have never thought it own a passport holder, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me because I don't travel a lot anyway but my fiancé got it for me for Christmas back in 2017 and I was so happy to receive it. You can easily store two passports in there and it's nice to have a few slots for cards or your tickets.

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