The Best & Worst Luxury Purchases of 2018

I usually try to be positive and share the great purchases I made with everyone, so I hardly tell you about items that were complete no-no's for me, unless they are make up or skincare - I'm always 100% open and honest about these types of products, so if you better save your money on something, imma tell you.

But since luxury purchases are a way heftier investment than skincare or make up, I think it's time for me to share with you my worst luxury purchases I made this year.

Since I did sell all of my worst purchases already, I'll make sure to insert a picture of them that I can find online so you know what exact item I'm talking about.

Worst Purchases

1. Celine Micro Luggage in Souris

I bought both, this and the black Micro Luggage at the same time because I could not decide which colour to go for so I got both. The black one arrived with me first so I already got a feel for the bag and started using it. In my heart I knew black was the colour for me anyway so I wasn't going to keep the Souris colour. The day came and the Souris arrived with me, as soon as I opened up the package, I fell in love with the colour of it. It is truly a gorgeous colour for a handbag. It only got used like once or twice until I realized that I just prefer wearing the black Micro Luggage because it's a lot more carefree so I decided to sell the Souris instead of having it sit in my closet.

I still love the colour of the bag but I think it was the best decision to let it go and pass it on to someone who will actually wear it.

2. Givenchy Mini Antigona

I went through so much with the Givenchy Antigona bags. Last year I bought the small Antigona in the pebbled leather, black colour but didn't really love the look of the pebbled leather, it just didn't look as nice as I thought it would. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the bag worn on the shoulders because it's quite a big, stiff bag so you'd bump into a lot of people with it but I didn't want that.

I returned the bag and in summer of 2018, I re-bought the small Antigona along with the mini size both in black smooth leather. I decided to give the Antigona bag another shot because I just love the way it looks on others. Again, I returned the small size for the same reason. I like being able to wear my bags on my shoulder if I quickly need to be hands-free but it just seemed so bulky, I'd feel a little uncomfortable with the bag on my shoulder. I did like the smooth leather a lot better though.

For the mini, I decided to keep that one because I love the look of the smooth black Antigona bag and I liked the mini size, being able to wear it crossbody and still have that cool, edgy Antigona look. I even wore it quite a bit over summer and fall, but ended up selling the bag because whenever I wore it, the chunky zipper and the small opening drove me insane. I stopped using the bag because the opening is tiny, you can barely find what you're looking for and then you keep scratching your hand on the chunky zipper, trying to get your stuff out. I personally couldn't deal with that any longer and got rid of the bag.

I think I definitely learned my lesson with the Givenchy Antigona and finally realized that even though it is gorgeous, it just is not the handbag for me.

3. Chanel Classic Small Wallet

I honestly just bought this because it looks like a classic flap and I wanted to give wallets another shot. As soon as I got home, I felt instant regret and asked my fiancé if we could go back to Vienna the next day to take it back (mind you, we live like 2 hours away from Vienna and it's the closest Chanel store). 

I don't even like wallets to begin with, I barely carry cash nor do I carry a lot of cards so it's not necessary for me to even own a wallet. I also think the Chanel wallet has an awkward size, it's not a nice small compact wallet but it's also not an actual full size either. I didn't get along with the size and the stiffness of it and it also was really expensive too for what it is, so I returned it to the store.

4. Chanel 2018 Spring Collection Sneakers

Another stupid buy that I didn't think about well enough. I was in Chanel for the very first time in my life, I wanted to buy something but didn't really know what so I had seen these sneakers online already and thought they looked cute but they didn't have my size in stock. The next day I got a call that they just got a new shipment in and also got that sneaker in my size but only one pair. I asked them to send it over to me and I'll send them the money right away. They did and when I got them, I swear it was the ugliest shoe to ever touch my feet. That reflective silver part on the sneaker, I wasn't feeling it. I like a lot of their black/white sneakers they did but they didn't have any at that time so I thought I'd just buy whatever they had - but no. They went straight back.

5. Celine Mini Belt Bag

This was purchased after I had bought both of my Nano Belt bags (which I love to bits). I love the look of the Belt Bag, it's so unique and cute looking. I totally wanted the big version as well, I bought it pre-loved because I found a really good deal on it but the very next day when I wore it for the first time, I knew I was going to sell it again. It's an absolute stunner, don't get me wrong. But the size is just not for me. I came to the conclusion that flap bags in bigger sizes are not my cup of the, I prefer them on crossbody bags (which is the reason that I never purchased a Chanel Jumbo). Again, just like the Antigona, it is quite bulky when you wear it on your shoulders, then the clasp isn't the easiest to close up either and for all the inconvenience about this bag, I decided to re-sell it again. I'm much happier with my Nano Belts!

Best Purchases

1. Celine Micro Luggage in Black

This bag is probably my favourite out of my entire collection. I don't know what it is about this bag, but I love it so much. I adore black bags and I've always wanted to own a Celine Luggage bag. They have been popular for so many years, every single celebrity wore a Celine Luggage, whether it was the Nano, Micro or Mini size. It was my very first non-Louis-Vuitton handbag that I bought and it totally made me fall in love with Celine and made me want to explore other brands other than LV. 

I got it in the beginning of 2018 and I wore it as a work bag every single day ever since. I just recently switched it out for the next bag I'm going to talk about. I truly love it so much, I want to get it in the Mini size in smooth leather as well.

2. Balenciaga Metallic Edge City

Who doesn't know Balenciaga and their City Bag? They're a cult classic. I first saw them back in my teenage years when I was around 13 years old. I was beyond obsessed with High School Musical and their cast, as well as Miley Cyrus. They all wore Balenciaga City bags, non stop. I did a lot of research on what bag that was because I was just totally obsessed with that bag. I finally found it and it was a total punch in the face for my little 13 year old self. That price? No thank you. 

Several years later they brought out the Metallic Edge line for their City bags and I fell in love all over again. I liked the fact that they still looked edgy and cool, but with a little bit of class without that extremely aged leather. But then, they came out with the Metallic Edge City in suede and wow, prettiest City they have ever done. I only ever saw that bag on HelloOctober on Youtube and it looked absolutely stunning on her. Balenciaga sadly doesn't make the suede City anymore so I searched high and low, I never could find one in great condition. Suede wears horribly, it rubs and stains, you can just hardly maintain suede handbags. That really put me off and also I didn't want to spend all that money on a handbag that already looks stained and super worn..

BUT then, just last month, I came across this exact bag that I wanted, in pretty much perfect condition. I bought it, because I knew I'd probably never come across this exact bag in such good condition ever again. It arrived a few weeks later and I was shocked at how amazing the suede still looked. I can 100% say that this is the prettiest handbag I have ever bought in my entire life. Even my mum thinks this bag is beautiful, and she never said that about any of my luxury bags so that is a very big deal.

3. Celine Nano Belt Bag

I have this bag in two colours, one in "Light Taupe" which I got end of summer and the other one in "Grey" which I don't currently have with me so I can't show you now but I will do soon.

I got the taupe one first, I fell in love with the colour of it even though I was worried about colour transfer, I went with it anyway because I've wanted a light coloured bag for quite a while. I wore it a lot in summer and it has no wear on it at all. Also, this still has the old logo with the accent on the é.

A few months later I decided to check for a grey Nano Belt because I loved the Light Taupe so much, I wanted to have a darker colour of it as well. Sadly they no longer had the old logo bags so I decided to go with the new one anyway. I thought it might be a good opportunity to compare the quality of the old vs. new. And spoiler alert, the old one has better quality for sure. The glazing on the taupe one is perfect and my grey one has quite a sloppy glazing around the opening of the bag. I love it nonetheless and I'm glad I have both.

4. Saint Laurent Toy Loulou

I got this bag the same time that I got the Givenchy Mini Antigona. It was a big online order I did on but as you now know, it's the only bag that actually made it.

I love the small compact size of this bag, I love the black colour and silver hardware (I prefer silver over gold in YSL handbags) and how extremely lightweight the bag is. I use it so much when I just need a few necessities with me and I know I might be walking a lot so I don't want a big bag bothering me. For example, I took the bag with me to Venice where we were walking around all the in the hot summer sun. 

It has an adjustable shoulder strap so it's perfect for anyone, no matter if you're petite or super tall. The bag also comes in a variety of different colours, they come out with new ones every season as well and the price is pretty fair for YSL. Definitely a keeper.

5. Chanel Ballet Flats

I'm usually not big on designer shoes, they're quite expensive but hard to maintain. I like handbags and SLGs because you can look after them, they hardly show any wear if you look after them but shoes are different. They get stained, they get dirty or you rub the leather on a wall or a stone, someone could step on your feet and leave a mark on them.. there is just so much that can happen to your shoes and then you paid 500+ for a shoe that you might only be able to wear 2 years and then they're ruined.

These flats were my very first designer shoe purchase and I love them. I tried so many ballet flats in my life and they all hurt my toes or rub in the back but these do not so I can totally justify the price. Ballet flats are a staple because you can dress them up, you can dress them down and you still have a somewhat "closed" shoe. 

I really thought that I actually look after my things and that they would be perfect for many years - I was wrong. The beige leather gets dirty so quickly, it stains and the lambskin cap toe also rubs off and looks really grubby quickly. But I love them anyway. They are the very first shoe that I know as soon as they get too dirty to wear them, I'll run out and buy a new pair. I love them to death.

I loved them so much, I even got the all black version with the patent cap toe but I don't wear them as often as the beige/black pair. The patent cap toe is a bit harder and hurts just a little bit but it also makes them look a lot more formal. The beige on the other hand looks so nice worn casually with ripped jeans and a t-shirt as well. So versatile and nice that I can see past all the con's.

6. Gucci Ace Sneakers

Let me just say that I love sneakers, and I especially love white sneakers. They look so damn cool and go with almost everything. I saw them last year already but didn't think I needed them for the price they are and they're white so they're going to be really dirty way too quickly and that's just upsetting for that high of a price tag.

But one day my fiancé and I walked in this little luxury boutique in our town and I saw they had just gotten the Gucci Ace sneakers in a few different styles. He knew I had thought about these sneakers a long time back so he made me try them on and see the different styles they had and then he kindly decided to buy them for me. I'm so thankful and appreciate it so much but I also am really glad that I actually got them now.

Let me warn you though, the leather is super hard and stiff at first, it hurt my feet the first two times that I wore them but after that, they were worn-in nicely and now they don't hurt anymore, luckily.

The leather, even though it is white, is very durable to my surprise. It's quite a shiny leather so it's really easy to clean and it barely gets any marks on it either. I wear them so much these days, even though it is winter and really dirty outside, I can't stop wearing them.

If you want to shop designer, I recommend, especially if you are in Europe. Their range is fantastic, they have amazing return policies and their sales are amazing. If you want to sign up there, you can use my referral link here and get 40€ off of your first order :)

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