Glad to have you back for another Top Five Friday, today we're going to discuss my top favourite bronzers in my collection. In summer, we not only like to glow, we also love a good bronzed, sunkissed look. So it's only fitting that after my TFF Highlighters, I show you my favourite bronzers as well.

1. Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel

If all my make-up was stolen, this would be the first bronzer I'd run out and pick up again. Even though it's a cream product, it's not as intimidating as your regular cream product is. It's not as creamy and sticky as you'd think. I'd say it's more of a cream-to-powder product. My favourite way to apply it is with my Real Techniques Blush Brush. It's not too fluffy but not to small and stiff either, it applies the product at the right place while still blending it out nicely at the same time.

Sadly, there is only one shade and even though they call it "universal", I doubt this is universal at all. I have extremely fair skin and it works good on me, if you have medium skin I guess it would still work but not be as intense and give more of a subtle bronze, while with darker skin, I doubt it would show up at all. 

I thought it would be too harsh and orange on my fair skin but applied with the Real Techniques brush, it works beautifully and gives me the right amount of warmth. I do mostly use it under powder bronzer though because I feel like my bronzer lasts a lot longer with the Soleil Tan de Chanel underneath.

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2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer "Bronzer"

The only drugstore bronzer I have in my top five, mostly because I barely shop at the drugstore anymore. The drugstore is a dangerous place, everything is affordable and you just get carried away with the huge amount of make-up product and end up with all these things you never even needed. But this one is different. It's not available in the Austrian drugstores so I had to order it online after hearing about it on Youtube non-stop. And I don't regret it.

It's super smooth and blends out beautifully. It's that type of bronzer that you can just quickly take on your favourite brush and put it on without a mirror. It just works. I know I can count on it, that bronzer never fails me.

The shades are all quite light but I believe they did come out with a few more shades after people complaining, I haven't checked though. 

As the name would suggest, it is very buttery and soft. I love how it applies to the skin and just effortlessly blends out onto your skin. I couldn't recommend this enough, especially being the most affordable out of my top five.

You can also purchase these now on Douglas or LookFantastic.

3. Marc Jacobs Omega Bronzer "Tan-Tastic"

This bronzer used to be limited edition but after the hype it got when it came out, and people being upset that they couldn't get their hands on it, Marc Jacobs recently brought it back and of course I had to grab it. 

It's my favourite shade out of the bronzers that Marc Jacobs brought out so far, I find that the other one (is it called "Tantric"?) is just a little bit warmer and I prefer a somewhat cool-toned bronzer. Not too cool but it has to be right in the middle for me to like it on my fair skin.

Not only do I love the formula and colour of this bronzer, I think the size and the packaging are perfection. It's a huge bronzer, it's so easy to get your brush in there and coat it evenly with product and the mirror is just as big. I love that if I'm travelling, I can just take this and do my entire make-up with this mirror because it's just that big.

I also love this shade for quick eyeshadow looks, if I just want a little bit of colour in my crease and be done. Sometimes I add a bit of my highlighter in the center and that's it, my go-to quick and easy eye look. It works amazing as a natural crease shade so you don't even have to bring eyeshadows with you if you're lazy with eye make-up like me.

4. Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer "Sweet Tea"

As the other three bronzers were matte, I think it's time to talk about my favourite shimmery bronzer now. I'm usually not big on shimmery bronzers because I do like to highlight a lot so I think it sometimes can look a little crazy and too much if I use too many shimmery products all at once.

As you can see, this one has two different shades in one, one side is lighter and looks more like a highlight shade and the other side is a bit darker and appears more like a bronzer shade. Both of them have shimmer running through them though. My favourite way to apply this bronzer is just by mixing both of the colours together and apply it lightly over the top of my matte bronzer if I want a bit more glow.

It's extremely pigmented so I find myself only using a light hand and a big fluffy brush to just lightly brush it over my bronzer as kind of a bronze-topper. It doesn't emphasize my pores, it doesn't look like big chunks of glitter on your face either. It just gives a really nice glowy sheen to your cheeks and there are certain days where I love that.

5. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer "Nude Bronze Light"

This one is another shimmery one with a similar concept like the Too Faced Sweethearts bronzer but instead of having two different sides, Hourglass gave it this marble effect with the lighter, highlighty colour running all throughout the bronzer. Aesthetic wise, this is probably the most beautiful to look at out of the bunch. 

The difference to the Too Faced one I'd say is definitely the pigmentation. With the Hourglass bronzer it's a lot more sheer but even though they seem very similar in colour and tone, I find that the Hourglass one shows up a lot more on my cheeks. If you love a good glowy face their Ambient Lighting range is definitely one to check out since they do blushes as well which are gorgeous too.

If you are interested on getting it yourself, check out Douglas or Niche-Beauty.

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