SOL Body Shimmering Dry Oil // First Impression

Today I finally received my Colourpop package from their sister brand called "SOL Body" which recently launched with their first product, the Shimmering Dry Oil. I've been loving the look of all these different shimmery oils that are on the market right now, but I could never bring myself to spend like 35€ on them. I couldn't be more excited telling you that these only retail for 15$ on the Colourpop website. With that price tag, I knew it was going to be the one oil that I would try out.


Their Shimmering Dry Oil is the first product they launched with SOL Body, including a special kabuki brush to use with the product. Like I said, the oils retail for 15$ each and the brush for 12$ on the Colourpop website.

To say it with the words of Colourpop / SOL Body, the Shimmering Dry Oil is "a luxe, lightweight dry oil with next level, multidimensional shimmer. Infused with Coconut, Argan, and Marula Oils for a glistening, good for you glow. Leaves skin drenched in an addictive, tropical coconut aroma."

They explain to "Shake well. Massage into skin using finger tips or buff into skin using brush. Apply liberally to highlight your highlight."

For their first launch, they came out with four different shades going from "Platinum", their fairest shade which is a "shimmering ivory gold with highlights of silver and gold pearl" to their two medium shades called "Soft Gold", a "radiant champagne gold with highlights of silver and gold pearl" and the shade "Warm Gold", a "vibrant warm gold with highlights of gold, pink and silver pearl" to their deepest shade called "Bronze" which is explained to be a "rich glowing bronze with highlights of copper and gold pearl".

After looking at a few swatched on their Instagram, I decided to go with the second lightest shade called "Soft Gold". 


The packaging for their Shimmering Dry Oil is beautiful. It's this light pink, mauve cardboard box with rose gold lettering. It looks very sleek and expensive.

On the front is just says "SOL Body" and "Shimmering Dry Oil" as well as the amount you get inside, which is 3fl oz or 90 ml. On one side it gives you their Instagram handle @solbody and on the other side it says "find your sol" which I think is cute.

On the back of the cardboard it gives you a short description on what this product is and how to best apply it, a little disclaimer on the bottom and it tells you it's vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free as well as mineral oil free. 

The top has a little sticker in a light champagne colour that says "soft gold" in white letters. I assume that the sticker colour differs between the four shades to make it easier to tell which one is which.

The bottle itself feels really luxurious and heavy. For the price you might assume the product would come in a cheap plastic bottle, but it does not. The bottle is made of glass and feels very good quality. On the bottom of the bottle, it has a sticker with the shade name "Soft Gold" on there again, which you can also peel off to reveal the ingredients. 

It also comes with a very nice pump which makes it super convenient to use because the product doesn't get everywhere. I find the pump also works really nice, it doesn't shoot out the product like some pumps do.

I find it quite easy to control the amount of product that you want to come out with this pump. It works nicely and doesn't get stuck either. For me, it works perfectly everytime I use it. The only thing that could have made the pump even better would have been a twist mechanism to lock it.

The Product Itself

Like you would assume with a shimmering oil, if you let it sit on your vanity for some time, the shimmers separate from the oil which is why you need to make sure to shake it very well before you use it.

The shade that I got works nicely with my fair skin, I could have also gone with their lightest shade but compared to this one, it seemed a lot more yellow/silver in tone while this one has a little bit more warmth which I really like. I decided not to go with the medium shade "Warm Gold" because I wasn't sure how dark and warm it would actually transfer onto the skin. Since I do have a bit more cool undertones in my skin, I didn't want the oil to look extremely unnatural on my skin.

As you can see, it's definitely a champagne shade with little gold glitter particles mixed in. The product is very liquid-y so you have to rub it in quickly or else it's going to drip down all over your floor but the very runny consistency makes it easy to work with, it blends out very easily and it also means that a little product goes a long way. I could imagine that one bottle can last you quite a while.

The description says it has an "addictive, tropical coconut aroma" which you can smell immediately. I doesn't smell very coconut-y but it does indeed just smell like a tropical vacation. I can imagine the smell is probably not for everybody, even I am very picky about scents but with this I find that it smells absolutely divine. It does actually remind me a bit of the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume without the extremely sweet notes in it.

Regarding the lasting power, I can't say too much about it yet because I didn't try it out for that long. I do notice that it does transfer a little bit but the oil is also very easy to remove. I was worried that it would be hard to get off the glitter particles from your body but it removes super easy with a bit of body wash and water. If you take a shower at the end of the day, it should completely remove the product and shimmers without a lot of effort.

All of the pictures were taken inside without any artificial lights but I decided to take a short little clip in front of a window with direct sunlight coming through just to show you how it would look outside in the sun.

I find that the camera didn't capture the actual beauty of this product. It looks very glow-y indeed, but I feel that in real life, the shimmers are a lot more noticeable. If someone looked at you closely, they'd probably notice that you were wearing some sort of shimmer or highlight on your body. I can't wait to actually test the product out more and actually wear it out for a full day. 

Maybe you'll end up seeing it in a favourites post soon!

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