TOP FIVE FRIDAY // Highlighters

I'm introducing to you this new format on my blog called "Top Five Friday" where every other friday, I will show you my top five things in different categories. For the first TFF I thought I'd start with my favourite highlighters, because in the summer we all love to glow.

1. Benefit "Cookie"

This is my newest highlighter but also my number 1. If you can only buy one out of the five that I'm going to talk about today, definitely get this one. The intensity is insane, so if you only like subtle highlighters, this one is not for you.

In the pan, it looks like it'd be a noticeable pinky highlighter, but on the skin, it really doesn't transfer that pink, at least to me.

The formula is super creamy and soft, I don't find that it accentuates texture or pores but you might need to be careful with the placement because sometimes it gives a bit of a grey sheen on your face but nonetheless it's definitely my favourite.

I couldn't find this palette for you anymore, but the highlighter is now available on it's own on Douglas

2. Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow "Santorini"

The Kylie Cosmetics one is different because it's a loose highlighter. It's actually the only loose highlighter I own because I'm usually not a fan. Loose highlighters are just really messy and if you're not careful, you can easily apply way too much to your face and the product usually gets everywhere around you.

For this highlighter, I look past the fact that it's loose. The colour is absolutely stunning so I make it work anyway. Like I said, you can easily apply too much because for this one especially, a little product goes a looong way.

The colour is more of a champagne but it works amazing on fair skin like mine. If you have more of a medium skintone, the shade "Fiji" would probably work better for you since it's not quite as light as "Santorini" is.

I also have to say that if you apply a lot of product on one spot, it's a little difficult to blend out so be careful with your application. But the formula, the colour, everything else is stunning so I love it anyway. Also, once you get the hang of it, it works beautifully.

3. MAC Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skinfinish "Double Gleam"

We all know the famous Extra Dimension Skinfinish by MAC, they have had these for years and always come out with limited edition shades for their collections. For quite some time I couldn't find a shade that worked for my fair skin tone, they also had a few holographic shades with are not my vibe but "Double Gleam" works perfectly for me. It looks quite golden in the pan but it doesn't translate as golden to the skin, again, it's more of a champagne shade which I find usually work a lot better on fair skin than golden highlighters do.

Again, the formula is really nice, it blends beautifully on the skin, it wears all day and doesn't accentuate pores or texture on the skin.

If you want to get one for yourself, you can purchase it at Douglas or LookFantastic.

4. Becca "Moonstone"

This highlighter is definitely a cult classic, especially their "Champagne Pop" shade broke records in the beauty industry. The shade never worked on my skin tone and neither did their other ones but "Moonstone" is perfect.

They probably have the softest highlighter formula ever, it's not a highlighter that I would take for travels because due to their softness, they tend to break easily. You also get a lot of powder kickback in the pan but somehow it is not powdery on the skin.

I don't want to talk too much about it because I'm sure everyone has tried at least one of Becca's highlighters. They're a cult classic for a reason.

5. Colourpop Pressed Highlighter "Here Kitty Kitty"

A more affordable option are Colourpop highlighters. I have tried their regular pressed powder highlighters as well as their Super Shock formula and prefer the regular highlighters more. I find that the Super Shock formula is a bit hard to work with, it doesn't really pick up with a brush but I don't want to apply it with my fingers either.. I just like to be able to easily use a brush with my highlighters.

They have so many different shades to choose from, there is going to be several beautiful shades for any skin tone one could ever have. Colourpop also constantly comes out with new shades, they're definitely on a roll.

For the price I'm shocked how beautiful their highlighters work on the skin, how easily they blend and they last on the skin for the entire day.

If you are on a budget, I cannot recommend their pressed powder highlighters enough, I have a few different shades and they're all lovely but "Here Kitty Kitty" is my favourite out of them all. It's most similar to the Benefit highlighter I mentioned as they both have more of a pink undertone while the other highlighters I mentioned lean more champagne toned. Sometimes you just feel a bit more pink even though generally speaking, I do prefer champagne highlighters.

f.l.t.r.: Colourpop "Here Kitty Kitty", Becca "Moonstone", MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish "Double Gleam", Benefit "Cookie", Kylie Cosmetics "Santorini"

I hope you enjoy this new format on my blog and I'll see you again soon for another Top Five Friday!

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