Tanya Burr - Pretty Lady Lashes // REVIEW

Today I'm going to show you Tanya Burr Cosmetics Pretty Lady Lashes. Tanya Burr recently launched false lashes for her cosmetics line, including a pack of individual lashes as well for those people who like to wear individuals! If you don't live in the UK, the easiest way to purchase them is on feelunique.com because they ship worldwide. Here is a link if you're interested (x).

One Brand Only - NYX // REVIEW

Today I'm bringing you a one brand review about the brand NYX that I'm sure you've all heard of especially because of their blushes and jumbo eye pencils! Recently I have been buying a few bits from NYX from my local make-up store because everyone has been talking about NYX for years and I thought I'd try some products out myself.

CoLab Dry Shampoo // REVIEW

Today I'm bringing you a review of Ruth Crilly's Dry Shampoo Line called CoLab.
As usual, I purchased them online from feelunique.com (here is a link x).
There are 5 different scents in the range, as well as full size bottles with 200ml for 4,48€ and travel size bottles with 50ml for 2,56€. I decided to go with the classic fragrance LONDON and the floral fragrance PARIS.