Tanya Burr - Pretty Lady Lashes // REVIEW

Today I'm going to show you Tanya Burr Cosmetics Pretty Lady Lashes. Tanya Burr recently launched false lashes for her cosmetics line, including a pack of individual lashes as well for those people who like to wear individuals! If you don't live in the UK, the easiest way to purchase them is on feelunique.com because they ship worldwide. Here is a link if you're interested (x).

Since I've never worked with false lashes but really thought about starting to dig into the false lashes, I was super excited when I hear Tanya Burr launched some falsies! I could really not decide which ones to get because they're all stunning but I decided to go with the Pretty Lady ones. 

Here is a close-up of what they look like. You also get a lash glue with every single pair of lashes you buy from Tanya's falsh lashes line.

I am so impressed with them, they look so pretty on the eyes, at least I find they look stunning. They're not too casual but not too in-your-face and out-there!

I did have to trim the ends a bit because they're quite long I find, but of course that's good because then they're going to fit every single person no matter how big or small your eyes are.

The only thing I find with the lashes is that they're so hard to get off the case. As all lashes are, they're kind of glued to the packaging and usually you can just press your thumb in the middle and push them down and they should come off easily without you destroying your lashes. But in this case I found them hard to get off and the glue would be stuck to the lash band so I had to carefully get the glue off which is a bit annoying but I'll get over it!

- Julia

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