UNBOXING: Glossybox December 2014

Hello beauties!
On monday my Glossybox December 2014 came so I thought I'd do another unboxing for you in case anyone wants to start getting Glossybox but isn't sure about all the products they send!

Let's start with the unboxing :)

Teeez Head over Heals Nail Lacquer: This is a full size product containing 7ml which retail for 13,00€ (that's expensive gurl). Let me say one thing though, the packaging is absolutely amazing. This is probably the most amazing packaging on any product I have ever seen. So cool! The nail lacquer colour is called "Pearl Nova" which is kind of a mauve red tone with gold glitter in it. I have not tried it on my nails but the colour looks very nice for the fall and winter time + the brush is very wide which I love as well.

Alpienne Amber Body Lotion: The full size product contains 30ml retailing for 10,50€. In Glossybox you get a sample size product which is a pretty decent size though if you ask me. The smell is very citrusy which I honestly like a lot. I tried it on my arms today and it leaves them feeling quite moisturized.

Bellápierre Cosmetics Cosmetic Glitter: Full size product containing 3,75g retailing for 12,99€. Honestly, I have to say I can't even deal with lose glitter stuff. You are supposed to use the glitter on your hair or body.. which I already find quite weird. I threw this away because really have no use for glitter whatsoever and I also don't know anyone who bothers with lose glitter either.

Taft Perfect Flex Powder Wax: This is also a full size product retailing for 3,99€ and it contains 20g. I am also not a fan of this one either just because I barely ever use styling products like a wax or something. I only ever use hairspray if I curl my hair, that's it. I don't like using a wax in my hair, even though this is a podwer wax I am still not going to use it either. Maybe I'll find someone who has good use for this product.

Lollipops Paris Eye Pencil: This is again a full size product. It retails for 14,00€. The colour is comes in is "Goodbye Moon", which is a black basically. It is very creamy from what I can tell when I swatch it on my hand. It can be blended out once it tries a bit, it stays put and does not move or go anywhere.

Christina Aguilera Perfume Sample: As a little extra you get the Christina Aguilera perfume. Sadly the sample does not come with a pump which I find quite annoying with perfume samples. But the perfume itself smells quite nice.

All in all, I am a bit disappointed with this months Glossybox. I only really find use for the nail polish and the eyeliner. The body lotion is alright though, I mean I don't really need any but of course I will use it up. But the glitter and the powder wax are just not for me.

Here is a closer look of the inside of the box:

Have a nice week, lovelies!

xox, Julia

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