MAC Cosmetics - Soar Lip Pencil // REVIEW

As we all know, the 90's lip is currently the biggest lip trend, thanks to Kylie Jenner. That's why I obviously had to go out and buy me MAC's Soar Lip Pencil, because people heard Kylie Jenner is wearing Soar and Whirl by MAC. It is such a struggle to hunt down either of those lip pencils, they're sold out basically everywhere. I am still waiting for Whirl to be back in stock. But I wanted to show you Soar anyway, because I know I wasn't sure what it'd look like when I bought it online.

Here is a swatch of the colour. It's a really lovely colour, the picture is very true to how it look like in real life as well (I know the struggle of finding all those swatches online and the same lipstick or lip pencil looks different in all of them because of the light)

At first when I swatched it on my hand I thought it was going to be horrible to put on the lips because sometimes lip pencils can be quite hard and drying, they sometimes drag your lips because they're like literal pencil consistency. But when I put it on the lips it went on soo smoothly, I am in love. If all MAC lip pencils are like that then I definitely need to get some more because they're just a dream. Also it is quite long-wearing, a bit drying if you have it on for some time but that's what you get with pretty much all lip pencils, I do recommend putting some lip balm under or over it or you get a lipstick matching your lip pencil to top it off and make it a bit more creamy.

I am in love with the colour of Soar and also the lip pencil itself, it is absolutely stunning. I do find that on my very pale skin it is not the most flattering so I will need to put some lipstick over it to change the colour to something more flattering for my skin tone!

I hope this could help you and give you an idea of how Soar lip pencil looks like!

- Julia

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