Garnier Fructis Pure Volume Dry Shampoo // REVIEW

Today I'm reviewing a dry shampoo from Garnier Fructis. It's their Pure Volume dry shampoo (yes, I do realize the bottle is in german language due to me being german but I do try to review my german products in english so you guys can still know how I like them).

You can find this in any drugstore and the price I got it for was 4,95€ which is a pretty good deal for a dry shampoo I'd say. If you wondered how much is in there, then I can help you: 150ml
On the back it says it has no silicones or colourants and it also claims you get 32 uses out of this bottle which I must say I did not count how many times I've used this already.

The smell of this is not my favourite to be honest. It does smell very fresh and kind of citrusy in my opinion but I'm really not a fan of the smell. 

The product itself is very lightweight and fine, it does have a white colour to it as most dry shampoos do, so when you spray it on your hair it does show and you have to rub it into your hair quite good or else it won't disappear. Nobody wants to run around with a weird white film on their roots so I think it's probably better suited for people with lighter hair since you do still see it a bit.

I'm not quite sure why it is called "Pure Volume" because it does not add any volume to my roots but in all honesty this might not be the dry shampoos fault. I just have very long hair (down to my belly button) and it's super thick and heavy so of course my hair is gonna be weighted down and nothing would ever help get volume to my roots. I heard many good reviews about this dry shampoo and it giving a nice amount of volume to your roots so it might really work on shorter haired girls but definitely not on my hair.

I almost forgot to mention if it even does it's actual job - making your hair go from greasy to not-so-greasy-anymore! It does, it does. I don't think it would work on like really bad greasy hair but if you're on day 2 or 3 you can definitely make it look less greasy and fresher with this dry shampoo.

To sum up I'm not sure if I would repurchase this when I run out because I did use Batiste dry shampoo in the coloured version for like brunette hair, so the medium one. The smell annoys me with that one too but I just find it nice that it has a colour so idk, I guess I will not repurchase.

Hope this was helpful, see you soon!

- Julia

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