ModelCo More Brows // REVIEW

Long time no see, I'm sorry. But today is a more in depth review of the ModelCo More Brows that I got in October's Glossybox. 

This product comes in 2 different shades being light/medium and medium/dark. Mine is in the lighter version they do and it matches my brows like a dream. ModelCo More Brows costs 12€ for 3.5ml (0.12 oz) which is quite expensive to me but it is so nice to work with so I guess in the end it's a fair price that I'm willing to pay when I run out of this one (which is hopefully never, ha).

This eyebrow thickening gel has tiny little fibres in it + a colourful gel so it thickens your brows by adding tiny little fibres to your actual eyebrow hairs and colours them. I do find my eyebrows look bolder and better after using but still very natural and in no way does it look like I even did anything to them. It just makes it look like I have naturally better eyebrows than I actually do.

Before I got this product last month I never did anything to my brows. I tried using a pencil once which just didn't even match correctly and made my brows way to bold because the pencil was a harder kind. After that I stayed away from brow products until I tried a little eyebrow powder kit from my local drugstore that has a lighter and a darker powder in them which you can mix if the shade isn't correct or use either one of them. I did like it but it just did also make my eyebrows look way bolder than I like them tbh. I just don't think bold eyebrows suit me.
When I got the More Brows I was very happy because I did want to try something else out for them brows since I kept them bare cause nothing would look good for my taste. THIS product this, trust me. I am absolutely in love. I have naturally very less brow hairs (which used to be even worse back in the days, my right eyebrow looked like someone cut half of it off) and they're kind of hard so they stick out everywhere and brushing them does help but of course through out the day they're gonna fly about everywhere again because I didn't set them with a clear brow gel. More Brows helps with colouring them and sets them so they're going to stay where I brushed them. 

I have to say this product sets very quickly and if you use to much product without wiping it off on the edge of the bottle, it will look a bit funny so I always make sure to get most of the product off onto the tube and then fill them in. If you end up do using a bit to much just brush your brows with a normal spooly to blend out the product and it will still hold but won't give you this extremely stiff and hard brow feeling. Sometimes when I'm lazy I won't even brush them through and be good to go but when I do feel like spending 10 seconds on brushing them with a normal spooly it does give them an even more natural look without rubbing off the product again.

Hope this way helpful to you guys wanting to try out ModelCo More Brows or even some other tinted brow gel (I do believe they're all pretty much the same except for the wand).

- Julia

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