Glossybox November 2014 // UNBOXING

Today I thought I'd share with you my Glossybox from the month of November that the postman brought me today (which I was very excited about, lemme tell ya).

If you don't know what Glossybox is - it's a monthly subscription service that gives you 5 beauty / skincare products either samples or full size products for ~15€ depending if you go for a 3-month subscription or 6-moths or you could also do it monthly and just order whenever you feel like it. I tried it for 3 months now and I'm so impressed that I'll definitely stay subscribed! 

On the website you can fill out your own "beauty profile" so they know exactly what type of products you prefer, what your style really is, what condition your skin is in/your hair is in etc.

But let's begin with the unboxing, shall we?

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hyaluron Serum: This is a serum for your hair that you're supposed to put 1 to 2 drops in the ends of your hair after you have washed them and they're dry. It says it's supposed to be for dry hair that's getting thin and I must say I'm really excited to try this out and see if it repairs my hair (since it's quite damaged from bleeching the ends a few times the past months). Let me tell you, the scent is INCREDIBLE. I'd put it in my hair just for the amazing smell tbh. This is a full size product (60ml) and originally costs 9,99€.

Labello Lip Butter (Blueberry Blush): This has to be my favourite lip balm of mine, hands down. I already own this and I have all the other scents as well because I love it so much. They smell amazing and I feel like they're the only lip balms that really moisturize your lips amazingly. I also use them over night and apply a bit more than during the day so it can really sink in and moisturize my lips for the next day. This is also full size and retails for 2,49€.

Nicka K New York Cololuxe Powder Blush: Not a fan of this product already. It is a loose powder blush in a really nice colour actually, but I am so not a fan of loose powders especially not blushers.. It comes with a sponge in the lid which is just way too big and you can't even get to the actual powder with it and when you do the sponge is just loaded with product and when I tried it on my hand it was quite hard to blend out so I didn't even give it a try and got rid of it. This is full size and retails for 8,95€ (which is way too expensive for this product).

Love Me Green Energizing Face Peeling: This is a face scrub, which let me tell you I have been obsessed with face scrubs lately I tried so many and I'm so picky when it comes to face scrubs.. This one I tried on my hands already and I feel like it would be good for sensitive skin because it feels and looks quite gentle but not too gentle where you think "Does this even do anything?". As far as I can tell for testing it on my hand, I'll enjoy using this. This is a sample size (30ml) and the full size would contain 75ml for 9,90€

IsaDora All Day Long Lash Mascara (20 Black): This mascara has a plastic wand which I usually like. I have not tried it yet so I cannot tell you if it's any good or not but the wand does look pretty promising to me. It says it is waterproof but easy to take off, so we'll see how this is even supposed to go together but who knows, right? This is a sample size holding 4ml (0,14oz), the original product is 8ml for 16,95€.

Here are all the products in the box from November 2014:

Hope you enjoyed this unboxing as much as I enjoyed it, ha!

- Julia

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