WINTER MUST-HAVES: Essie Nail Polishes

clockwise: Smokin' Hot, Fiji, Style Cartel, Bahama Mama

Hello lovelies!
Today I'm posting my winter must-haves in the category nail polish. My favourite brand of nail polish is, as you can probably tell, Essie. I've been collecting their nail polishes for a few years now and I barely ever buy any other brand because I just love them so much more than any other drugstore nail polish brand. The brush is amazing, the formula on most of their polishes is amazing as well and they last on my nails forever and barely ever chip.

Today I picked my 4 favourite shades to wear in the winter time.

#1 - Smokin' Hot: Smokin' Hot is this really lovely mauve colour. On the picture it looks quite boring and just like some ordinary grey but in reality it's an amazing purple, mauve with a hint of grey. If you are looking for a plain grey colour it is definitely not Smokin' Hot you wanna go for. It is so much more on the mauve, purple side than just a plain grey.

#2 - Fiji: A staple in everyone's nail polish collection. Fiji is worn in any season tbh, it's a nice twist on a standart white nail polish because it has a hint of pink in it that is not too overwhelming and in-your-face. It's just a nice alternative to a plain white in the winter time. Perfect though to resemble snow on your nails

#3 - Style Cartel: This is a LE nail polish from their Dress to Kilt collection that came out this fall, so I thought I'd still put it in this post because I do still see that collection around so you might be able to still find it somewhere at the drugstore or you might be able to order it online as well. It's a gorgeous dark, deep blue. You know those darker blue nail polishes that look nice in the bottle but on your nails it's quite like you're wearing black? Yeah, Style Cartel is not like that. You can definitely tell it is blue, it pretty much comes off on your nails like it looks in the bottle. It is absolutely amazing.
#4 - Bahama Mam
a: All time favourite nail polish. I wear this all year around but of course it is especially gorgeous in the fall/winter time because it's this beautiful berry shade that is not really red but also not pink either. It's quite a mixture of both so I'll just call it berry. I've been wearing the crap out of this nail polish already and it's slowly coming to an end which is why I need to repurchase it soon. If you don't own Essie nail polishes yet or you do want to get a new one but don't know what to get - get Bahama Mama. It's stunning, I promise.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

xox, Julia

P.S.: Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been quite busy and I wasn't quite sure what to blog about since I don't have any new products to try right now. Christmas is right around the corner so I gotta be saving my money and spend it on presents rather than beauty products. But I'm back now so don't worry!

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