REVIEW: Dior Addict Gloss #267 Nuit De Juin, #343 Spring Ball

Hello beauties!
Today I thought I'd share with you my opinion on the Dior Addict Glosses, I currently have the shades #267 Nuit De Juin and #343 Spring Ball.

First off all, there are three different "formulas", the shimmer, the pearly and the pure. 
The Shimmer: "A subtle shimmer captured in fine, matching particles to create an elegant sparkling effect".
The Pearly: "A polished, pearly shine with ultra-fine iridescent particles blended into each shade".
The Pure: "A delicate glow in syrupy, creamy, laquered shades, like a shot of glossy pigments applied to lips".

The two shades I have are both in the shimmer formula.

I find the shimmer in these glosses very nice, they make your lips look a lot fuller. I use them on their own as well as on top of nude/pinky lipsticks in the centre of the lip to make them look even fuller and more alive rather than just a flat lipstick.

The formula is really not sticky whatsoever. They feel very comfortable on your lips but if you don't like the feeling of glitter then the shimmer ones might not be for you, since you can feel the shimmer, glitter bits on your lips. It's not too intense though.

The lasting power obviously isn't very long-lasting, since they are sheer lipglosses, so with basically any lipgloss you won't get a long wear out of them. I do not mind re-applying them throughout the day though since I find them absolutely gorgeous.

As you can see, they are both very very similar shades. On the back of my hand you cannot really tell a difference, you can tell a difference in real life. In the 2nd picture you can see that Spring Ball has a bit more intensity than Nuit De Juin does. Also, Spring ball has a more peachy undertone whereas Nuit De Juin is more of a pinky colour.

All in all I can totally recommend those lipglosses if you want to splurge. Maybe don't go for both of them since they are very similar.

xox, Julia

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