Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick #1 // REVIEW

Today I am bringing you a very special blog post (at least it is to me). I recently splurged on a very luxurious item - the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipstick in the colour 01 Nude Beige.
Can I just say that this is honestly a splurge item, it costs 32,95€ which is very very expensive for a lipstick which is why I decided to go for a nude, pinky colour because I know I will definitely be getting more use out of it, for the price, than if I went for a dark vampy colour that I barely ever wear.

Packaging: Can we just take a second to appreciate this gorgeous packaging? The packaging definitely makes it look expensive and luxurious (which is definitely is anyway). The lipstick is quite heavy for a lipstick. Honestly if someone attacked you, just throw that lipstick at their head and it will probably give them a bleeding wound, that's how massive and heavy duty this packaging is. But nonetheless it is absolutely stunning. YSL probably has the nicest lipstick packaging, in my opinion. Looks very classy and expensive, as I said.

Texture: These Rouge Volupté lipsticks are very creamy. If you are familiar with MAC's cremesheen formula, you know it's quite creamy (as the name would suggest) but it is nothing compared to the YSL Rouge Volupté. It is so creamy and nice and you would definitely not think that with this texture, it would have as great pigmentation as it has. Absolutely amazing. Feels like a lip balm on your lips and is definitely moisturizing as well.

Pigmentation: Holy crap! When I first put it on my lips I definitely did not expect it to have this amazing, crazy pigmentation. Such a great lipstick pigmentation, trust me. I honestly just dab it on my lips because that gives enough pigmentation already and I find that with an expensive lipstick like that, you don't want to waste the product which is why I choose to dab it on instead of putting it on full-on. The colour pay-off is definitely enough if you only dab it on, seriously.

Lasting Power: As you would expect with a very creamy lipstick, the lasting power is not that great. Same goes for the YSL Rouge Volupté. The lipstick does not last very long, especially if you talk a lot of go out to eat/drink something. But to me, this is not really a bad thing because I'd rather have a moisturizing lipstick that I have to re-apply several times than a lipstick I don't have to re-apply but dries out my lips and makes me feel super uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing it.

If you do have the money to spend on a YSL lipstick, or you just want to splurge on a good quality lipstick once in a while, I definitely can recommend you the Rouge Volupté. They also have a few brighter shades in the range as well as red, darker colours as well. Definitely check them out!

xox, Julia

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