Collective Fashion Haul // Brandy Melville, Zara, H&M and more

Hello lovelies!

Recently I have been doing a fair bit of fashion shopping because the weather is starting to change and even though it is still cold outside most days, I'm definitely already in spring mood. So I have done some shopping at different places like Zara, H&M, Mango as well as Brandy Melville which I got with help of GoSend.

I've been talking about GoSend before (you can check it out here), but basically they are a shipping company based in the US, so by signing up to their website, you can shop at any online shop that doesn't provide international shipping. You can either shop online by yourself, entering the US address GoSend provides you with or you can use their ShopAssist service. ShopAssist is basically like a personal shopper, you enter all the URLs to the different products you want to buy and then submit your cart. A GoSend employee will then order all the things for you, easy and fuzz-free.

For this haul, I have teamed up with GoSend and they provided me with a coupon code for you. If you want to shop with GoSend, just enter the code "THEBEAUTYNOVEL" at sign-up for a free 2-months VIP membership. (Disclaimer: I do not benefit from you using the code, it is solely there for your benefit.)

Brandy Melville

I have always wanted to shop at Brandy ever since I started watching Youtube videos. I love one-size type of clothing because it is usually quite oversized on my body shape which I find a lot more flattering for some reason than just getting clothing in a size up. So when I had the chance to pick up a few things from Brandy, I had to do so.

The first thing I got is the Ollie Sweater (here) in olive because even though I own quite a lot of knit, I do lack a good oversized fit jumper. Also, olive is one of my recent obsessions so I couldn't pass this one up.

The next thing I got is the Wylie Flannel in green/blue (here) and also in red/navy (here) because you cannot have enough flannels. I love to put them around my waist in the warmer months so when it gets cozy in the evenings you can just throw on the flannel over your shirt when you're cold.

Since I am working with GoSend on this fashion haul, I wanted to show you a price comparison to let you know how much money I saved shopping with GoSend. The Wylie Flannel I purchased for $ 35 (approx. 31 €) on the American Brandy Melville website, while the same Wylie Flannels would cost me 41 € (approx. $ 45) on the German Brandy Melville website. So just by buying two flannels via GoSend, I could save 20.


In february I placed an order on because I had seen these really cute turtleneck jumpers with gold buttons on the sleeves (here) which I thought looked really classy and sleek. Before purchasing those, I didn't own any turtleneck jumpers but I had been searching for nice ones all winter. And since those are a quite classic, staple piece I thought I might as well just buy them now.

Of course I had to get them in grey as well as in navy because yo girl doesn't wear colour and if I like something, I just have to get several different colours, just in case.

The other thing I bought is this black bomber jacket (here). I do own a olive green bomber already but since I really love that one, I thought I might as well get a black bomber as well since you just cannot go wrong with black, ever.


I also placed a few different orders on H&M all throughout February and March. I did return most of the things but there are two that I kept.

The first thing I got from H&M is this basic white tee from the men's section (here). I have basically tried every single brand out there to find the perfect basic white tee but they are always see-through which I just cannot stand when it comes to basic t-shirts. So I decided I would try out a mens shirt and it is perfection. I absolutely love the fit, the size (I got a mens small), the fabric. I will definitely continue to buy my basic tees from the mens section.

The next thing I got is a pair of darker wash blue girlfriend jeans (here). I have always wanted a pair of boyfriend/girlfriend jeans because I just loved the style of both of them but never knew how I would combine them. So now that I got a lot more into the casual, sporty fashion and looked at a lost of fashion posts on boyfriend and girlfriend jeans, I decided to finally get myself a pair too.


The only thing I got from Mango is this really nice basic olive green shirt (here). I love the material of it, I love the fit and of course the colour. Even though it is quite a light, flowy material it is not see-through and just sits nicely on the body.


When I saw this Puma shirt (here) with rose gold, I HAD to have it. We all know my obsession with rose gold is real. 

Another Puma shirt I got is this boyfriend style, white tee (here) because I barely have any white T-Shirts, like I already said so I thought a white sports tee would be great. This one again is a lot more see-through than the H&M mens tee is (of course, how else could it be).

I did also place two more orders on H&M but sadly they have not arrived yet so this is everything I got, for now. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post! See you next week.

xox, Julia

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