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Hello lovelies!

The past couple of posts have all pretty much been strictly beauty or fashion related so I thought it was time to do a tag for todays post. When I got my iPad Mini 4 I showed you what was on it, so today I wanted to share with you what is on my iPhone 6.

The case I have on my phone is just a clear one I got from Amazon the day I got my phone (x). I have got a lot of different cases but for some reason I just always go back to this one.

I literally only have one page on my phone because I just love being organized and having everything similar in one folder. So as you can see, I do actually have a second page but on there (just like on my iPad) I have a folder called "Tools" with all the apps Apple doesn't let you get rid of but nobody will ever need (we all have that folder don't we?).

First Row: Mail, Calendar, Photos, Camera

Second Row: Youtube, Notes, Clock, Weather

Third Row: Calculator, Maps, Social Media folder, Photostudio folder

Fourth Row: 3Kundenzone (which is the app for my carrier), Calm, Netflix, Kindle

Fifth Row: Games folder, Productivity folder, Whatsapp, Sleep Better

Sixth Row: Shazam, iTunes Store, App Store, Settings

On the bottom bar of the screen I keep the essentials so there is Phone, Safari, Messages and Music.

The first folder on my iPhone is the Social Media folder (obviously the most important one). In there I have my Facebook, as well as the Messenger app because they decided to be annoying, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest.

The next folder I have is my Photostudio one, where I keep all my photo editing apps such as Facetune which I use to smooth over my face a little bit or whiten the background a bit more, Enlight which basically can do anything you'd want, VSCO for my Instagram feed filter and last but not least I use Squaready for the white frame around Instagram pics.

Next is my Games folder. I have Quizduell because who doesn't love a good quiz, Gummy Drop, Tetris Free, Kardashian, Bubble Genuis, Flying Bird, Best Fiends (so obsessed, you need to try it), Cooking Fever, Kendall & Kylie (which I honestly prefer over the Kardashian game).

The very last folder I have is my Productivity folder which basically keeps financial apps and/or shopping apps. So I have Facetime (random), QuickCheck and netbanking which are both financial apps, Stocard which I can highly recommend for people who have a lot of different cards to every store ever because it just keeps them all in one place and you don't have to bring all the cards with you at all times, Amazon, Shpock, Scanner Mini, ÖH JKU which is one of the apps for my university, and lastly I have Lieferservice for when I am too lazy to cook and need some food asap.

That's basically everything that I have on my iPhone!

If you have any app suggestions, be sure to leave them down in the comments.

xox, Julia

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