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Hello lovelies!

If you couldn't tell, I am getting a lot more into fashion these past couple of months just because I'm at a place where I find that I have found key products in beauty, I have my "staple" face routine that I usually do every single time I do my make up and just switch out one or two products a time to just try out new products. But what I found I was lacking in is fashion. I always had the mindset that if you want to be fashionable and stylish, you got to be rich. So I just felt like I couldn't really express my personal style because I was lacking the money for it, but recently my mindset changed. I now know that to be fashionable you don't particularly need a lot of high end clothes and items, you just have to have a few key pieces that you can style several different ways and you'll always look put together.

So today, I am sharing with you my personal fashion staples and key pieces I think everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Fitted Dark Blue / Black Jeans

When in doubt, chuck on a dark wash pair of skinny jeans and you'll always look put together as long as the bottoms you chose fit your body shape nicely. Dark jeans can be paired with so many different tops, they can be worn casual with a basic tee, rocker chic with a leather jacket on top or easily dressed up with a cute blouse and a blazer. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe for sure!

Black Leather Jacket

My wardrobe would not be complete without a black leather jacket. There are so many different variations of black leather jackets, they come in the edgy biker style, the plain classic black leather jacket, the more fitted, tighter waist version for women who prefer to still look feminine, and so many more. When chosing the right leather jacket, it definitely all comes down to personal preference.

I just recently got a new biker style leather jacket after not owning a black leather jacket for around half a year because my old one was just looking a bit too worn out (and let me tell you, nearly every week I would have wanted to wear my black leather jacket when I realized I didn't own one anymore. Definitely a cannot-live-without piece!).

Basic T-Shirts (black, white, grey)

All the ladies will feel me on this one: You wake up in the morning, feeling completely uninspired and don't know what to wear so you just grab your favourite pair of denim jeans and put on a oversized tee. This is definitely one of my go-to looks. I probably own way too many basic t-shirts, I have them fitted with shortes sleeves, I have them oversized, I have them baggy with longer sleeves, boyfriend style, over the shoulders, there are just so many different styles of basic t-shirts and you can't go wrong with any of them.

Turtleneck Jumper

Especially in the colder months I love to wear turtleneck jumpers to keep my neck warm. Since I am not a big scarf person as I find them a bit too bold and overwhelming for my small neck, I like to opt for the turtleneck jumper to still stay cozy (and not get a cold). Turtleneck jumpers are always in style, no matter what year so I like to have the fitted, plain version in my wardrobe as well as the more loose, bagy styles. I know for a fact there are people who cannot be bothered with the turtleneck but nowadays there are so many different ones in the shops, you should be able to find a nice one for you. If you don't like the tight feeling around your neck, you might go for the chunky knit jumpers with the loose turtleneck to still keep your neck warm but not feel like you're being strangled. To me, turtleneck jumpers will always be a staple for the colder months!

Denim Jacket

I used to not like denim jackets at all, turns out I just didn't find the right one to fit my style. Just like any other clothing items, even the denim jacket comes in different variations especially when it comes to length. I personally am not a fan of very short, almost cropped denim jackets, I like them to be a bit longer and loose fitting, that's just my style. Denim jackets do tend to look a bit more edgy but you can get them very tight, figure hugging and it will look a lot more feminine. Also you can get them in almost every colour, just like you would with a pair of denim jeans, light wash denim is probably the most popular though and also the one I like to wear mostly when it comes to denim jackets.

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

A little black dress is definitely a staple in any womans wardrobe, no matter what style you have, the LBD is a must. The amount of different black dresses out there can be overwhelming and certainly it's not easy to find the perfect LBD for you. The LBD is extremely versatile, it can be worn alone with heels, put on a blazer to dress it up even more, pair it with sneakers to dress it down for a casual day, throw on a leather or denim jacket, wear it with an oversized scarf or put a flannel around your waist with it. There is literally nothing you cannot do with a good LBD and that's why it's such a classic, staple piece!

Black Heels

Slowly dabbling into the accessories, we definitely cannot forget about shoes. A pair of black heels is definitely a must-have just like the Little Black Dress is. There is nothing like a good pair of sexy heels that make you feel like you can conquer the world. I know that I immediately feel ten times sexier as soon as I put on my heels.

Classic Black Bag

If you are just getting into fashion and want to invest in good quality, classic key pieces that will never go out of style you should definitely invest in a nice black bag. A black bag of high quality will last you forever and can be worn with any outfit. Especially when it comes to designer bags, I'd always go for the black option just because I know the colour is much more carefree (less likely to stain if it's a leather bag), it goes with everything and for the price I will get the most use out of it.

Small Crossbody Bag

Last but not least, a small crossbody bag is also something I'd invest it. When you take a trip to the zoo, do some sightseeing in the city or even just go shopping with your friends, it's a lot easier to just throw on a crossbody bag with the essentials and be hands-free for the rest of the day. When I do a lot of walking, I know I like to carry a small crossbody bag because it's not as heavy and I just don't want to carry a bag in the crook of my arm or on one shoulder for several hours.

I really hope this was helpful for all you girls/women who are slowly getting more into fashion, maybe want to start investing in staples that can be worn many different ways and just needed a bit of inspiration!

xox, Julia

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