Colour-Correcting & Urban Decay Color-Correcting Fluid "Pink" // REVIEW

Hello beauties!

Today I wanted to sit down and take a moment to talk a bit about colour-correcting. We all have heard of it, there is probably a million cream colour-correcting palettes out there, I know NYX make one, Kiko has one too, there are quite a few in the drugstore actually and high-end brands do them too, mostly they have correctors though for under the eyes in a salmony kind of shade.

I personally think colour-correcting is a really nice way to even out your skin tone without having to put a hella lot of foundation and concealer on. Usually people are a bit nervous about colour-correcting especially with cream products because of the colour being to intense and showing through their foundation, but I find that if you use the right products and the right amount of product, this is definitely not the case

My favourite colour-correcting shades are the green to cover my redness on my cheeks and around my nose and most importantly, and what I am here to talk about today, the pink/salmon/peach shades to counteract the dark, blue circles under your eyes.


Before I get into the actual product review, I just want to quickly want to show you the general rules for colour-correcting in case you don't know and are interested.

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Pink - Helps to make your skin look fresher and counteract any dullness you might have. Especially for really fair skin tones like mine, light pink shades work a lot better to cover blue circles under the eyes than the really bright orange ones.

Yellow - Covers up purple and is great to highlight especially under the eyes.

Green - Covers up the redness on your face. If you have red cheeks or a really rudolf-like red nose, then you might want to use a green colour-corrector to calm the redness down so it's easier to cover up later on.

Orange - Orange is especially good for covering up the blue, dark circles but more on deeper skin tones. For fair skin tones I recommend light pink shades, for medium skin tones I think a light orange or peach shade is perfect.

Purple - It helps to liven up your faces general colour and look. It acts pretty similar to the pink shades. I personally think purple is not too necessary.

Urban Decay Color-Correcting Fluid

First of all, the packaging is sleek and nice looking. It is pretty much the exact same as their Naked Skin Concealer packaging with the difference that the top is more of a matte silver/grey colour on the Color-Correcting Fluids. The doe-foot applicator seems to be the same one too.

Formula-wise I think their Naked Skin Concealer is quite comparable to the Color-Correcting Fluids.

The only other colour-correcting in a light pink shade I have ever tried is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer in the shade Brightener. I have always hated the packaging to that concealer for it's weird sponge applicator and twist-up system. I'd much rather have a normal doe-foot applicator wand that I can apply the concealer with. The product itself was very good though, it was quite creamy and easy to blend. Also did a nice job of counteracting my dark circles under my eyes.

If you are on a budget or just don't want to spend so much money on the Urban Decay ones, you might as well hit up the drugstore and pick up the Maybelline one instead.

All in all I really enjoy the Urban Decay Color-Correcting Fluid, I use their Naked Skin concealer on a regular basis so I think those two combined work really well together. I can definitely recommend this product if you don't mind spending a bit of money on a colour corrector.

If you prefer your correctors to be a lot creamer, Becca do an amazing under eye brightener, NYX as an affordable option also do colour correcting palettes if you want to check those out. I personally am not a big fan of thicker cream formulas for under my eyes so I prefer to use something like the Urban Decay or Maybelline.

xox, Julia

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