Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer & Amrezy Highlighter // FIRST IMPRESSION + COMPARISON

Finally the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzers and their collaboration with Amrezy on a highlighter dropped and you best believe I got my hands on it. Obviously I had to get the highlighter even though online it looked too gold and dark for my pale skin, but I'm pretty damn sure it's limited edition. I remember ABH x Nicole Guerriero with her highlighter palette that I ended up not purchasing but now I regret not having bought it because it was limited edition as well. I'm not going to let that happen again.

I was absolutely not sure what shade to go for with the ABH powder bronzers because online they all kind of looked the same on the model photos, but then again I figured I'd just go with the lightest shade they do called "Rosewood", that's always a safe bet for me.

Powder Bronzer, shade "Rosewood"

Rosewood is the lightest shade they do, in total there are 6 different bronzer shades to choose from (maybe they'll add more in the future). The two fairest shades are called Rosewood and Tawny - Rosewood being the more warm toned out of the two, while Tawny looks more on the cool side, perfect to contour with.

I grabbed a few of the most popular bronzers as of right now such as Benefit's Hoola or Physicians Formula's Butter Bronzer and compared them to the new ABH Powder Bronzer in Rosewood. 

 first picture is taken in natural light

second picture is in sunlight coming through my window

I have to say that the ABH bronzer is definitely the most pigmented out of the bunch I showed you. Also you can perfectly see that it's quite warm toned compared to my other bronzers I usually use.

If you want to purchase, you can get the bronzers on Douglas

ABH x Amrezy Collaboration Highlighter

First off all, the formula on this is extremely different from anything that I own. If you take your typical powder highlighter, there is always going to be at least a bit of powder kickback. But then take the Colourpop Super Shock Cheek products, there is no kickback because they are more of a cream to powder, you put your finger in and there is going to be a fingerprint in the product.

I feel like this highlighter is a hybrid of these two. It's a powder product but is super pigmented like a cream highlighter would be, but there is absolutely no powder kickback whatsoever. I'm not even exaggerating, there is nothing. It feels hard to the touch, no denting in the product no matter how hard you push your finger in the pan. But the product also does not break like your typical powder highlighter would. Unique, that's all I can say.

It's also not glittery, you can't really detect any glitter particles in this product. I'd say this is a highlighter that is good if you love that wet looking highlight but in a more intense way. Usually the wet look is more natural but the Amrezy highlighter is so pigmented, it's far from natural if you ask me. Stunning nonetheless. 

I took all my goldish toned highlighters for comparison. Most of my highlighters are more of a rose to pearl shade so I only compared it to similar shades.

 again, first picture is in natural lighting

second picture is in front of my window with direct sunlight 

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