Louis Vuitton Agenda MM // REVIEW

I'm big on writing in any sort of form. I've written daily journals pretty much my whole life, I remember when I was just starting to go to school at the age of 6 and having my daily journal, writing down the boys I had a crush on and how they smiled at me one day. As I got older, I didn't really have a plan as to what I'm writing, I just took my time each evening to write down my thoughts. But one think I've always been kind of bad at is planning.

I've always wanted to be that girl with her big agenda, buying refills for it every year and being super organized but I wasn't. When I started getting into luxury a few years ago, I had seen the Louis Vuitton Agenda's and lusted after them forever but I knew I might just not get that much use out of one.

As amazing as my fiancé is, he decided to get me one for christmas. Yes, christmas. But Louis Vuitton had been out of stock of their agendas forever so I only just got it at the end of January.

You most certainly know that I was pumped when it finally came to my door, with the very own Louis Vuitton agenda inserts, of course, because bae wanted to make everything right.

I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality and functionality of the MM Agenda. It's a good medium size that you can use at home or take with you in a medium to large bag too. I thought that the PM would just be too small and I'm not big on taking my agenda with my everywhere I go anyway. The GM on the other hand is really big and definitely just an at-home agenda that you don't want to bring with you somewhere else unless you really have to.

As you can see, I got my initials hot stamped in gold foil in the front of the agenda. Louis Vuitton does that for free any time you wish to, you don't have to get it done right when you buy it. Really take your time to think about the hot stamping because if you end up wanting to sell your item, it's hard to resell if there are initials on your item and you do have reduce the price quite a bit too.

Anyway, the 6 rings seem to be very sturdy, they can be opened either by pulling them apart like you normally would with binders or by pushing down on the top and bottom parts of the metal.

In the front there are 6 card slots and a larger slot for maybe a small notepad or sticky notes. In the back of the agenda there is one big flap compartment where you also have room to store papers. On the back side, the agenda also has a little loop for your favourite pen. A regular ballpoint pen fits in there perfectly.

I really like the fact that when the agenda is laid down open, it stays open. It makes it really easy to use as a desk planner because you don't have to constantly open and close the agenda to see your appointments. It nearly lies down completely flat so I don't see any glazing issues or cracking on the canvas in the near future either.

I also got the original Louis Vuitton agenda inserts to try out and see for myself if I like them or not, I had absolutely no clue about agendas so just getting the original inserts for it seemed the easiest. I have to say they are not the cheapest, but if you're a lux lover, you might want to invest in them.

From the resell market, it seems that the Louis Vuitton Agenda's in either size hold up really well over the years. Most of the resell market is full of great condition agendas, barely ever do they have marks or cracks.

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