MakeUp Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer // REVIEW

People have been hyping this concealer up as the dupe to Tarte's Shape Tape concealer which was a 2017 favourite for almost everyone. Tarte has never been available for most European countries so I could never get my hands on it. Obviously it was a no brainer for me to try out the MakeUp Revolution dupe to it once I heard they were coming out with this.

Shade Range

The shade range on this concealer is amazing, they have 18 different shades to choose from with around 6 or 7 shades for dark skin tones which is incredible for a drugstore brand. Of course I decided to go with the lightest shade of them all called C1.

Compared to the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in the shade "Fair Neutral" (which is their lightest shade too), the MakeUp Revolution one pulls a bit darker and looks more grey-toned. Even though you may think that this shade is too dark for me compared to the UD one, I actually like the shade a lot.

I don't find it too grey or ashy, I think it makes a good shade to cover up my dark circles without highlighting them. It just covers dark circles really nicely and neutralizes the purple at the same time.

left: MakeUp Revolution Conceal & Define, C1; right: Urban Decay Naked Skin, Fair Neutral


The doe-foot on this is absolutely massive, very similar to Tarte's Shape Tape as well. I personally am not the biggest fan of this doe-foot applicator in particular, even though it picks up a lot of product in one go. I find this one to be very hard and stiff and actually a bit stabby too. But as I said, it does pick up a lot of product and for me it's enough to cover both of my under-eyes and around my nose too.

Coverage & Performance

If you know me, you know I like to use concealer kind of all around my face to act as a foundation. I'm not the biggest fan of actual foundation just because I don't like too much coverage and usually they accentuate texture and pores. Overall they make my face look like I'm wearing make up and that's barely ever the look that I'm going for, I want to look like I'm naturally beautiful.

Sadly, the MakeUp Revolution concealer does do that too. I wore it all around my face several times and I did not like the way it looked. It accentuates the pores on my cheeks and really just makes people notice that there is make up on your face.

Having said that, I do love it as an actual concealer. I find that it wears nicely under the eyes without heavy creasing or wearing off towards the evening. I especially love it for around my nose because most concealers crease very easily around my nose and make it look quite dry and cakey but with this I definitely notice less creasing.

Tarte Shape Tape Dupe?!

I cannot compare how much of a dupe it actually is to the Tarte Shape Tape since I haven't tried that one but what I can say is - if Shape Tape performed exactly like this one, I wouldn't buy it. 

I love using my concealer as foundation and not being able to do it with the MakeUp Revolution is a bummer. But for the low price that it has, I can see past that for it's great coverage and performance as an actual concealer. Tarte's Shape Tape is quite a bit more expensive and if I ordered from their website, adding shipping costs and tax, it would make it to be around 40 dollars and that is definitely not something I'd spend on it. Once Tarte becomes more accessibly in Europe, I might still end up trying Shape Tape but as of right now, it's a no for me.

But if you have been a fan of Tarte's version, I'd definitely say that you should give the MakeUp Revolution one a go since you could save yourself some good money.

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