Louis Vuitton Agenda MM Setup // 2018

For the longest time I have been trying to set up my agenda exactly how I wanted to. I had a vision in mind on how I want it to look but it took forever to bring my ideas to life. I couldn't find the things I was looking for, or they were just way too expensive.

On the very first page when you open my agenda, I have a Filofax credit card holder (x) that I specifically bought to store my mini polaroid pictures in to give it a bit more of a personal touch.
On the left side with the credit cards slots of the agenda, I keep the post it notes that the Louis Vuitton refills came with, as well as recent papers that I need.

As of right now, my agenda is set up in 3 main compartments, the first one being the actual calendar, the second one is used for anything blog related and the third one is random notes.

1. Section: Calendar

On the very first page I took the year-at-a-glance- from the original Louis Vuitton refills and put them in as a start for my calendar because the other refills I ordered did not come with that.

At first I wanted to get monthly dividers for each of the 12 months but just couldn't find any that looked how I envisioned. The only ones I could find that were perfect, were from clothandpaper.co but shipping is $30 and that's honestly just too much for simple planner dividers.

I kept searching the internet and found refills by the brand Webster's Page (x) that had the monthly divider tabs on the papers itself for the month-at-a-glance which was basically the 2nd best option for me. Given the fact that the refills themselves looked simple and cute too, I went for those.

After the months-at-a-glace I go back to the original Louis Vuitton refills (x) for the regular weeks which are featured in a week on two pages style.

2. Section: Blog

In my second section of my agenda I write down everything blog related. For that I bought the Filofax lined paper (x) which I really like, they look simple and clean yet the paper isn't too thin or too thick either. A good quality paper if you ask me.

I write down any content ideas that I might have or even write down in keywords what I want the content to be like, I also write down products for certain blogposts that I know I want to mention etc.

3. Section: Notes

The last section consists of just notes. For that I use the exact same Filofax lined paper as I use for the Blog section. For me this is just a random section where I write down whatever comes to my mind that I want to have written down, may it be a phone number or an address, a list of things to pack for my trip, anything really.

I haven't had any experience with planning and agendas so I'm trying to just work with these 3 sections to begin with. I bought myself 6 basic black dividers on Etsy (x) so that if I wanted to make a 4th section, I could just take a pen and write down what it's for. Once I get the hang of it and know exactly how and what for I want to use my agenda, I'm going to order custom made black plastic dividers from Sessavee where you can choose what is going to be printed onto each of the dividers (x). But for my "trial phase" as I like to call it, I want to have a bit more freedom for trial and error instead of having to re-order custom made dividers because I end up not being happy with what I had in the beginning.

In the little pocket at the back I keep more sticky notes that I ordered from Craftelier (x) too. There are a few different ones like an arrow, a little flag saying "to do" a bigger post it for "today" or "get it done", I just thought they were really cute.

Also I DIY'ed myself a page marker with a paperclip and the ribbon that the Louis Vuitton packages are always wrapped with. I use it to mark the week that we're currently on to find it straight away when my agenda is closed.

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  1. https://www.etsy.com/shop/iPlan365

    I stocked up on refills at this Etsy shop. Really nice inserts there.