My Everyday Jewelry // Tagheuer, Hermes, Cartier, Diamonds etc.

I've only just recently started getting into jewelry tbh, I've never worn jewelry at all. I remember all I had on was a watch (a Michael Kors one actually haha) but I'm loving it right now. I think jewelry is a good investment, I personally don't really buy custom jewelry at all. I'd rather invest in real gold/silver/diamonds and have something that lasts a lifetime.

The first special piece is my engagement ring. It is white gold with a diamond in the middle. Don't ask me about the carats because I honestly don't know. It is really what I wanted back then, I always knew I wanted to have a simple engagement ring with a decent-sized diamond in the middle and that's exactly what I got. I wore that one every single day, obviously, until we got married. Now I never really wear it but it has been a daily piece for me back then.

For my birthday in the same year of our engagement, my husband got me a Tagheuer Aquaracer watch in steel but the middle parts of the watchband and the lunette (not sure if that's the English word; the ring around the actual watch face) are yellow gold plated. The face is mother-of-pearl with 12 little diamonds for the hours. I've wanted a two-toned watch forever because I can wear it with gold or silver stuff, no matter if it's the hardware on a handbag or on shoes, it will go with everything. 

It's basically become my everyday watch and I can't say anything but positive words about Tagheuer as a brand. They're swiss watches just like Rolex, with just as good quality but without the extremely high price tag. It's definitely a brand worth checking out if you want a high-quality watch without paying an extremely high price. I believe this one was about 3500€ but don't quote me on that.

I used to have a diamond ring that I inherited but already got it when I was a little kid and never really knew who exactly it came from so there was no meaning or sentimental value behind that ring for me. I once mentioned to my husband that I'd love to make a diamond pendant out of the ring so I could put it on a white gold simple necklace. I never knew my husband took it out of my jewelry box one day and actually had someone make a pendant out of it. On Christmas, he surprised me with this simple, elegant diamond necklace. It does have sentimental value for me now and I'm super happy that an old ring that I never used, now has a new purpose.

On May 14th 2019, I got married but I only wear my wedding ring on special occasions (because it's already happened two times that one of the tiny diamonds fell out). It's white gold with a diamond band, as well as one bigger diamond in the middle with 9 smaller diamonds around it. I love that ring, it looks absolutely stunning especially when the sun hits it but I just can't be bothered to get it repaired every year. It's quite annoying to get it fixed and then wait like 2 weeks for it to come back. I'm happy I have it and it was my dream wedding ring but for the price it was, it shouldn't fall apart all the time. 

To be fair, I did wear it every single day, I never took it off so I walked the dogs with it, I took a shower, I wore it to work, I made the dishes, literally everything with the ring on so it might have been my fault too.

As I stopped wearing my wedding ring but still wanted something to wear on my right ring finger, my husband got me the Cartier LOVE ring in yellow gold as a replacement for my actual wedding ring. I never take this one off, no matter what I do so it looks a little rough which it already did like 2 months after I got it but Cartier told me that it was totally normal for the ring to scratch and get matte so it is what it is.

I even brought it to the Cartier boutique recently when we were in Paris to get it polished; it did look almost new when they gave it back to me but that lasted around a week and then it looked just as bad as it did before so do keep that in mind. I do understand that things will scratch, I'm not too bothered with it because it is just a materialistic item that's meant to be used but it does hurt a little bit to see your things get ruined.

The same day, my husband also got me the thin Cartier Just un Clou ring in yellow gold to go with my LOVE ring. I wear this one on my left hand on my index finger, I just like the look of it a lot. Sometimes I also put it on my right index finger, it depends on my mood but I do like having a ring on each hand. This one I do take off from time to time though, so it seems to hold up a little better than the LOVE ring does. I'm not sure how well you can tell on the pictures but this one is still a lot shinier than the LOVE ring.

I do have the Hermes Clic H bracelet in white with palladium hardware but even the smallest size is a little too big for me so I never really wear it but I knew I wanted to get something to replace it with.

So when we were on vacation in France (I believe it was in Cannes), I got the Hermès Rivale Mini bracelet. It is black leather with gold hardware and again, I don't take this one off unless I take a bath or go into any type of water because I don't want to damage the leather. It's a very simple piece but I love it and in the boutiques, they offer so many different colours for the leather (as well as palladium or rosé gold hardware). 

A not-so-interesting piece is my bracelet from the company Leaf. It's just a cotton band with a clover in the middle that's made of 925 sterling silver with yellow gold plating. It's nothing fancy but I got it for myself as a symbol of good luck for me that I'll hopefully have in the future.

I don't have the biggest jewelry collection but there are a few more items that I'd love to get in the future. Two of them are from Van Cleef & Arpels; I'd love to get the vintage Alhambra 5 motive bracelet with black onyx as well as the vintage Alhambra single pendant necklace with black onyx as well. Another item I'd love is a Cartier LOVE bracelet in yellow gold, maybe with 4 diamonds but I'm not sure which one exactly. 

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