Designer Bags NOT Worth Buying Brand New // Better Go Pre-Loved

We all love our luxury handbags but wouldn't it be great if we could also save some money? Especially since most of the designers raise the prices on their handbags, it's always nice to find a great deal, right? Well, shopping pre-loved can have many advantages over buying brand new, especially if you're looking for a specific collection from years ago that you obviously can't get in the boutiques anymore. But buying pre-loved handbags is also amazing for saving money. I'm sharing several designer handbags that do not hold their value and that you can buy pre-loved for significant money off.

1. Balenciaga City Bag

Balenciaga in general is a brand that does not keep its value very well, no matter what handbag it is. But especially with the City bag, you can find it on the pre-loved market for usually 300-500€ off of the original price. I purchased all the City bags I ever own pre-loved and bought them in great condition for quite cheap. One time I even bought a rare City bag that's been in a limited edition and bought it for 450€. That's actually insane considering the quality was amazing and it had barely been used.

If you are interested in buying Balenciaga City bags on the pre-loved market, here are a few options.

2. Valentino Rockstud (Spike) Bag

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Valentino is another brand that does not keep its resell value when it comes to handbags. Again, the Rockstud and Rockstud Spike bags are great examples of luxury bags that are better bought pre-loved. For the Rockstud Spike, the medium size retails for 2100€ and the small size for 1590€ while you can find these bags on the resell market for prices around 1000-1600€ for the medium Rockstud Spike while the small size usually goes for under 1000€. That's a lot of money for you to save on a bag and usually, they offer so many different colours and materials when you shop pre-loved while Valentino only occasionally brings out new colours.

3. Celine Luggage Tote, Celine Belt Bag, Celine Phantom, Celine Trapeze

When it comes to the older designs of Celine that Phoebe Philo brought out while she was the creative director of Celine, these bags usually don't do as well on the pre-loved market. Bags like the Luggage Tote, the Belt Bag, the Phantom or the Trapeze usually sell for a lot less than they cost in the boutique. If you are familiar with Celine as a brand you know that their leathers are usually very nice, their bags are usually all made out of leather so the prices brand new are quite high. The Mini Luggage and the Micro Luggage retail for 2400€ and 2250€ and the regular Belt Bag comes in at 1950€. That's the price range that Celine bags are usually in when you buy them in the boutique. 

If you look on resell websites you can often find these bags for 700-1300€, isn't that insane? Celine is a brand that is offered a lot on the pre-loved market so I bet you'll find the perfect bag and colour on resale websites for a fraction of the original price. 

You can check out LuxuryPromise if you're looking for pre-loved handbags or go to Vestaire Collective.

4. Prada Galleria

This bag has been around for many many years, it's a classic design and looks very chic and sophisticated as a work bag. But it's another bag that you are better off buying pre-loved. The medium Galleria retails currently for 2200€ and the large one (that can be a great work bag) for 2400€. If you go to pre-loved websites, you can find Galleria bags in many different sizes for prices around 700-1500€. That is pretty much a saving of 50% and who wouldn't want a deal like that? Often they are in great condition because of Prada's very sturdy Saffiano leather too.

You can find good deals on Prada bags here or try on Vestaire Collective.

5. Givenchy Antigona

Who doesn't remember the good old Givenchy Antigona days; oh how I loved that bag back then. I remember a few years ago when it came out and everyone was wearing it. Unfortunately, it never held its value. The medium Antigona (which also makes a nice work bag) retails for 1750€ and the small size for 1650€ currently. Givenchy also then came out with a Mini size with a crossbody strap that retails for 1290€ brand new. On pre-loved websites, the medium size is usually the cheapest one, while the mini does keep its value a lot better right now with the big craze for mini bags. The Givenchy Antigona Medium can be found for around 700€ and the small size goes for 900-1100€. 

The only thing that you should look out for with the Antigona bag when buying it pre-loved is the fact that especially if it is in the grained leather, it loses its structure a bit if it hasn't been stored properly. You notice it a lot with the medium size because a bigger bag is always harder to store when you're not using it. The smooth, shiny leather holds up a lot better as it's way stiffer than the grained leather.

If you're interested, you can find a few Antigona bags on LuxuryPromise and Vestiare Collective.

6. Dior Lady Dior

The Lady Dior bag has been around for so many years, it's a classic for the fashion house of Dior and was made famous by Lady Diana wearing it back in the days. I personally think the Lady Dior will be around forever, Dior probably will never get rid of this style; They just recently came out with a micro version of this bag (and several other styles) because everyone loves tiny handbags these days so it just goes to show the Lady Dior style is still popular. However, especially the bigger sizes like the large or the medium don't hold their value. Even the small size can be found for a great price sometimes but again, considering people love mini bags right now, the large and medium Lady Dior's just sell for a lot cheaper pre-loved. The time for big bags will surely come again at some point and prices on the pre-loved market will rise again someday but for now, it is what it is.

When you look on resell websites, you can find the big Lady Dior sizes (which normally retail for 3900€ and 4400€ brand new in the Dior boutique), for prices ranging from 1000-2000€. Again, that's basically 50% off of the retail price. 

Don't forget to check LuxuryPromise for your Lady Dior if you're looking for one.

7. Gucci Dionysus

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The Gucci Dionysus line just has something about it that I've always loved. I actually own the Super Mini Dionysus in the classic canvas and love it. This bag had a big hype a few years ago, I saw it on so many different Youtubers and Influencers but now it seems that barely anyone uses/owns it anymore. To me, the Dionysus is a classic shaped handbag, the Gucci GG logo has also been around for ages so to me it's a bag that will never really go out of style. But it's not as popular as it used to be which is why you can find great deals pre-loved. I've seen the small size go for 1000-1300€ while it retails for 1650€ brand new in the Gucci store. Also, the medium size can be found for 1300-1600€ when the original price is actually 2100€. 

8. Fendi Peekaboo

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Fendi does handbags very well if you ask me. Brand new they are actually quite expensive but I find the quality and the leathers that they use is amazing. Somehow though, a lot of their bags don't hold their value a lot and one of them is definitely the Peekaboo. Fendi has brought out the Peekaboo in so many different sizes, materials and variations. The classic Peekaboo medium retails for 3500€ and the mini size for 3100€ already (they do keep raising their prices). On the pre-loved market you can find all the different variations and colours Fendi brought out during the past years and the prices vary a lot but usually, you can find deals on the Peekaboo for around 2000€ and if you're really lucky, you can sometimes get bags for 1300-1500€.

You can find a lot of different Peekaboo bags on Vestaire Collective.

9. Chloé Faye

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Chloé in general is a brand that does not hold its value at all. You barely ever come across a Chloé handbag on the pre-loved market that is more than 1000€. Especially their Faye or Drew bags can be found pre-loved for only a couple hundred dollars while they retail brand new for 1300€ and more. Chloé is seriously a brand that you should consider buying pre-loved because you might be disappointed spending a lot of money and then seeing it only be worth 500€ in the end.

10. YSL College Bag

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If you are just starting your luxury handbag collection, I cannot recommend Saint Laurent bags enough. The quality and the range of different bags they offer is incredible, especially considering that their prices are on the lower end of designer handbags. The college bag for example retails for 1790€ brand new in-store, while sometimes you can find them pre-loved for 1100-1300€ if you're lucky and have a bit of time. 

11. Gucci Marmont

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Another bag that was very hyped all over the internet back when it came out. But I think everyone soon realized that it was just a trendy bag that wouldn't last a very long time. Even though it has a classic shape, I just think the big GG Marmont Logo and the strange stitched heart in the back didn't really help the bag. For some reason, this bag still fairly holds its value on the pre-loved market. It's still available in Gucci stores and is produced in many different materials, sizes and colours but the regular GG Marmont Flap retails for 1850€ brand new but can be found pre-loved for prices around 1300€.

12. Louis Vuitton Capucines 

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Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands that hold their value very well. Hermes, Chanel and LV are probably the top 3 designer brands that will continue to hold their value and even increase over time (as long as you look after your handbags). But there is one bag that I specifically want to mention here. The Louis Vuitton Capucines. This is an all-leather bag from LV with a classic shape and look to it, it's very sophisticated and it actually retails for 4500€ in the MM size (the classic version). LV brings out the Capucines in many different colours and exotic skins all throughout the year so depending on if it has an exotic handle or if it's from a limited edition, it will obviously cost even more. 

On the pre-loved market, the Capucines is by no means a cheap handbag, it still sells for a fairly high price but it is worth mentioning anyway. You can find deals on it for a usual price of around 3600€ but if you are lucky and patient, you can sometimes even find them for 2600-3000€.

13. Fendi Baguette

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If you love the Fendi Baguette and have been eyeing one ever since Carrie Bradshaw wore them in Sex and the City - now is still the time to get it for a great price. While Fendi came out with their new and updated version of the Baguette (which seems to hold its value, you can find many vintage Baguette bags on the pre-loved market for only a couple hundred dollars. Depending on the colour, material and of course the quality, they can go from 400-900€ which is a great price.

Vestiare Collective has so many different Fendi Baguette bags on their website, if you are interested in one, be sure to check their site here.

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