My MAC Lipstick Collection

(f.l.t.r.: Creme d'nude, Hue, Creme Cup, Pure Zen, Shy Girl, Velvet Teddy, Syrup, Plumful, Rebel, Viva Glam Rihanna, Diva, Flat Out Fabulous)

Today I thought I'd share my MAC lipstick collection with you including swatches on my arm.
I'm not going to go into much detail but I do want to give you a short statement to every single colour in case you are interested. To some I might have a lot of MAC lipsticks, to some it might be a tiny collection but I'm quite happy with it, especially since I got my first MAC lipstick mid-august 2014 and my last one october 17th 2014, so I spent quite a lot of money on all those lipsticks in just 2 months time.

 I am in no way trying to brag though, I just love their lipsticks and thought I'd share my collection with you because I know I love seeing other people's MAC lipstick collections for reference and also to see some new shades I might wanna pick up. So let's get started!

Creme d'nude (Cremesheen): Perfect beige, skin-tone kind of nude. Probably as nude as I'd go but it is my go-to shade if I'm going clubbing and have a heavy eye make-up.

Hue (Glaze): Sheer pinky nude, perfect for lipstick starters. Does let you build up the colour though.

Creme Cup (Cremesheen): First ever MAC lipstick I bought. Pinky nude, perfect shade for every skin tone, especially nice on fair skin like mine. 

Pure Zen (Cremesheen): Second favourite nude shade I own, looks great on fair skin

Shy Girl (Cremesheen): Very similar to Pure Zen on the lips, just a tiny bit darker

Velvet Teddy (Matte): Dark brownish nude, apparently it's what Kylie Jenner wears combined with Whirl lipliner by MAC, haven't experimented with it too much

Syrup (Lustre): Perfect berry, mauve shade, quite sheer because of the lustre finish. Love wearing it for the fall/autumn.

Plumful (Lustre): Another favourite everyday kind of plum, berry shade to wear. Perfect for fall/autumn just like Syrup

Rebel (Satin): Popular shade from MAC especially in the fall it's a bestseller. Absolutely adore this shade and goes perfectly with Essie nail polish in Bahama Mama (just saying haha). Such a super rich berry shade. Must have for someone who loves bold lips

Viva Glam Rihanna (Frost): As the girl at my MAC counter said when I went there for a nice, red lipstick "Perfect red shade for your age, soo youthful, looks gorgeous." - She's right. It's quite a classic red I find but looks nice on my fair skin and would also look amazing on darker skin tones. It's not too frosty/shiny looking even though it's a frost finish.

Diva (Matte): Another bestseller from MAC, usually sold out especially when fall/autumn is around the corner. Amazing dark, vampy red, total must-have if you love that kind of lip colour.

Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte): Newest addition to my MAC lipstick family. Gorgeous, vibrant pink shade, absolutely stunning on any skin tone. Can't wait to rock it in summer next year (of course you can also rock it all year around, but it's the perfect summer lipstick). Retro matte is super matte and also really drying and drags your lips when you apply it so make sure to exfoliate your lips and put some lip balm on before applying that one!

Hope you enjoyed my little MAC lipstick collection and maybe found some colours you like and will pick up! :)

- Julia

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