MAC Prep + Prime Lip Base // REVIEW

Today I'm reviewing MAC's Prep+Prime Lip Base. 

I got mine from Douglas online for 16,95€ and the product holds 1.7g (0.05 oz). MAC's official description of the product is "A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products." - We'll see if that's actually true.

The Packaging: The box is super pretty black packaging with very noticable glitter (It drew me in right away. I'm just such a sucker for pretty packaging). The actual lip base has the classic black MAC packaging with tiny shimmer. It's quite thin so it's super easy to just throw in your hand bag or store with your other make-up products because it hardly takes up any space.

The Smell: The lip base has a very strong vanilla scent as we usually know it from MAC lip products but in my personal opinion the scent is a little bit stronger than on their lipsticks.

The Consistency: The primer has a standart lip balm consistency but I'd say it's not as creamy as your classic lip balm would be. But it's not supposed to be like a lip balm anyway.

How to use: You put on the Prep+Prime Lip base a few minutes (around 3-5 minutes) before you apply your actual lipstick. Once it starts drying is becomes kind of sticky which makes your lipstick last longer and kind of glues it into your lips. So when you notice the base starts to get a bit sticky and weird feeling (which the first time you're using it, you're gonna be like woah what's happening this is weird) you can put your lipstick on.

Last words: I do find that this helps my lipstick last longer and acts as a nice base for your lips so they don't dry out as quickly (especially if you use matte lipsticks). I found that with nude lipsticks it also just makes the colour show up a little bit more. Since this is my first lip primer/base I ever tried out I cannot tell you if there is something better or comparable for a cheaper price out there but if you don't mind to spend a little more money then you should definitely give MAC's Prep+Prime Lip Base a go!

- Julia

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