Glossybox October 2014 // UNBOXING

Today my Glossybox for the month of October arrived in the mail. I have to say I already forgot I have a 3 months Glossybox trial so I wondered who sent me something. This months Glossybox is called "Herbstzauber Edition" so it's about fall/autumn. The picture above shows how the box looked inside. 

As usual it came with the card that tells you all about the products including the original size and their price. It also came with a big paper of Calvin Klein's new perfume and inside was a little plastic thing you take off to smell the perfume. Must say, I'm not a big fan of the scent. It also came with a 20% coupon for The Body Shop and their limited seasonal collection, a coupon for Woman Essentials and an exclusive 20€ coupon for the website BestSecret which apparently is a new fashion website. 

But let's talk about the products, shall we?

Dr. Grandel Hyaluron Ampul: This includes 1 ampul á 3ml where the original products comes with 3 ampules á 3ml for 14,50€. It includes hyaluron, as the name suggests, and is supposed to reduce wrinkles. Not really keen on that since I'm not struggling with wrinkles yet, but my mum will probably try this one out.

So Suan Concealer Quad: This little concealer quad is a full size products and retails for 22,50€ so that's one heck of a expensive concealer is you ask me. It comes with a highlight shade, a contour shade, the actual concealer shade and a salmon kind of colour to counteract your dark circles. I am really not a fan of cream concealers but since my dark circles are getting quite bad I will gladly try out the quad. The actual concealer shade is way too dark for me so I'm gonna skip that one but the salmon shade looks promising.

Gynial Ialuxid Gel: This is a full size product as well, retailing for 11,00€ á 30ml. It's a kind of silikon feeling gel with no colour that you are supposed to use on skin irritation or any kind of acne, inflammation on your skin. This guy comes in very handy right now because for whatever reason I got this massive bruise around my lips and it went from blue/purple to red, looking like I had really bad acne, now it's yellowish so I might try the Gel out on that to see if it reduces the redness and irritation. Fingers crossed that it works.

The Body Shop Body Butter (Vanilla Brulée): This contains 50ml and is a full size product that retails for 7,00€. As you probably heard before, The Body Shop's body butters are supposed to be amazing and everybody and their mum talks about them and loves them. This is in the scent Vanilla Brulée which is limited edition that came out with the scents Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. I'm not sure if the limited edition is out yet because I couldn't find it on their site so I'm not sure if you can get those 3 scents seperately or just in a set but I feel like it comes in a set (The Body Shop usually brings out sets of three 50ml body butters in different scents around this time of the year). I am a fan of the scent and I can't wait to try it out. If it's good I'm definitely going to check out the other scents!

ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel: Original size product as well (3,5ml retail for 12,00€). Very expensive for a little tiny brow gel if you ask me, but I understand ModelCo is a nice brand just like Benefit etc. The colour of the gel is in Light/Medium but there is also a Medium/Dark version of this product. I am very happy with the Light/Medium shade, it matches my brows perfectly and I already tried it out in the morning when I did my make-up. I am not a brow kind of girl (I keep them natural because I'm just so bad at filling them in) but I wanted to try out a coloured brow gel for a very long time (ever since the Benefit Gimme Brow came out) but I just couldn't be bothered paying so much money. I am not a fan of big, bold brows so this product is heaven. It hardens your brows a tiny bit but you can still brush through them, it gives just the right amount of colour to your brows, it looks very natural to me and not too heavy and bold, which I personally love. You might be able to build up the colour pay-off though. After I used up that brow gel, I will definitely try out other ones.

Dr. Scheller Face Peeling & Mask: As a little extra (I guess it's an extra since it's not featured in the little card with the products) it came with two foil packets of a Dr. Scheller pomegranate face peeling for all skin types and a Dr. Scheller arganoil and amaranth face mask for challenging skin. Definitely looking forward to trying those, I love masks and peelings!

Here is a little close-up of all the products in Glossybox October 2014:

Hope you enjoyed!

- Julia

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