Urban Decay Perversion Mascara & Subversion Primer // REVIEW

Todays post is a review of the newest Urban Decay mascara called "Perversion". 

They also came out with a white mascara/lash primer which you can purchase indivudual in original size (8.5ml) as well. Mine is in a sample size in a pretty good size since it holds 4.5ml so over half of the original product. I bought my Perversion mascara off of Feelunique.com (click here) where you got the original size Perversion mascara and a free sample size of the primer for 22.10€ which is a pretty good deal in my eyes. The original size mascara has got 12ml which I found amazing for the prize because normal mascaras are usually around 9ml and can still cost you quite a lot even in the drugstore (f.e. L'oreal or Maybelline).

Let's just get to the actual review now, shall we?

The packaging: It looks very classy and chic with it's dark metal colored package and just the name written on it in a purple colour. The primer has the same simple font on it in black and the packaging isn't metal looking but rather sparkly and reminds me of pearls (it doesn't come of ass pearly on the picture but you can still see the shine it has). I am a fan

The wand: The mascara has quite a big wand, not one of those very big, fluffy wands though where you're like "How am I supposed to not get that all over my lids?", it's big but still very easy to use and you won't be getting it everywhere. It hasn't got a plastic wand which actually I have been used to from using Benefit's They're Real mascara all the time but I must say I actually do like those hairy wands for a change (only if it's a good one though). The wand on the primer is quite different from anything I have every used and I am not 100% sure of the purpose but it does not have hairs all around like you'd expect but when you look at it from above you can see it has bristles on the left and right and the other sides have very short bristles that are barely even there so it's not a circle but rather a rectangle. I found it quite weird looking at it at first but it does not make applying the primer and harder (or easier). Honestly I did not notice any difference that wand would make on applying the primer to your lashes.

The formula: The formula to me is very nice, it's not too dry but not too wet or else I'd hate the mascara. Wet mascaras are my worst enemy and really do not work on my lashes at all and neither to dry mascaras because we all know they tend to get flakey during the day and you end up with little mascare bits around your face which is honestly not a cute look. But this formula is just the perfect in-between. I must say though that it is not waterproof. This does not mean it will smudge during the day (at least it does not do that on me, it might do if you have oily eyelids or just a oily eye area in general and tend to go for waterproof mascaras) unless you cry and keep pinching your eyes together. Also it is really easy to remove even with the primer underneath. The formula on the primer is pretty similar to the actual mascara so of course I am a fan of this as well.

Last words: I have never tried a lash primer before so I can't tell you if there are any other alternatives in the drugstore or just better high end versions but I have never seen a drugstore primer before so the UD one might be a good option to try out since it's around 20€ (if you get it off feelunique.com the primer is 19.50€). But what I can tell you is that it makes such a difference to your lashes. I did not try it out with any other mascara on top but together with the UD Perversion mascara it makes such amazing lashes. If you are in a hurry of course you could still use the mascara on it's own and it would still look good but together they're a match made in heaven. If you are a fan of easy to remove and every-day kind of mascara's you should think about trying out this one. If you want to try out both, mascara and primer, I'd suggest getting the package with a sample size primer like I did so you can test it out yourself rather than spending 40€ on a full size mascara and primer which you might end up not liking (which would be a shame because they're nice, trust me).

Here is a picture of my lashes with the primer and mascara over it:

- Julia

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