Zoeva Face & Eye Brushes // REVIEW

Today I thought I'd share a little review of my first ever Zoeva brushes I purchased. I got two face brushes and two eye brushes because I'm a newbie when it comes to make-up brushes, I do not own a lot of them especially eye brushes. Girls, lemme tell ya, I really need to get some basic eye brushes. I didn't even own a classic shader brush to pack on eyeshadow so it was time to invest in some nice quality brushes for my collection. And as we all know, Zoeva is a brand that has been raved about forever now, especially on Youtube so I had to check them out.

Let me start with the two face brushes I got:

As you can see, I got a #106 Powder brush. The size is absolutely perfect, it's not too big and not too small, it feels so nice and soft, the quality seems to be great too. I used to own really cheap drugstore powder brushes but they were just so hard and stiff and I didn't enjoy using them at all so I got ride of them and invested into this little baby and I LOVE it. The prize for the #106 Powder brush was 11,95€ which is a great deal if you compare it to MAC, Bobbi Brown etc. 

The second face brush I got was the #127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush which is obviously for blush but you can honestly use brushes for whatever you want as long as you like the result it gives you, go ahead and blend your eyeshadow with it, who cares? I got it for blush though because I keep seeing Lauren Curtis (check out her YT, she's amazing) using angled brushes like this for blush and I didn't own an actual blush brush, I had one from the drugstore as well but it kind of lost it's shape and product would just stick to the bristles, idk it was weird. This brush I got for 11,95€ as well, which is okay I guess. Good face brushes will always cost more than eye brushes do so it's a great deal if it will last me, right? It's just so nice quality and soft as well, I excepted all the brushes with the white bristles to be kind of hard like you usually know it from those paintbrushes but it's nothing like that. I absolutely love it for my blush!

Now onto the eye brushes I got:

Honestly, I did get the #227 Luxe Soft Definer because everyone on YT seems to love that brush and constantly use it for their eye make-up so I had to get it too. As the name says, it's a definer brush, but silly me thought it would be like a fluffy blending brush. Do still enjoy it thought because as you can see on the picture, it's kind of flat and wide on one side like a shader, just a little fluffier so you can use it, obviously, to define your crease with eyeshadow but if you use it vertically, you could definitely blend your eyeshadow with it. It feels nice and is still quite soft, a little bit more stiff but it needs to be like this to do a nice job on your eyes. The prize was 6,95€ which is amazing!

The 2nd one I got was the #232 Luxe Classic Shader because as I already mentioned, I didn't own a shader brush, the only one I have is the double-ended one that comes with the Naked palette. Trust me when I say DO NOT GET SHADERS IN THE DRUGSTORE! Holy cannoli, I had bought so many different shader brushes in the past, all from the drugstore, and hell, they were bad. They lost so many bristles, they were uneven like after some time some were longer than the others, you wouldn't be able to pack on your eyeshadow evenly and nicely, horrible. Definitely so happy I purchased the #232 from Zoeva for 6,95€ as well.

All in all I will definitely go and purchase more Zoeva brushes, there are already a few I have my eyes on but they're currently out of stock so I gotta wait. But those four will not be the last Zoeva brushes in my collection!

- Julia

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  1. wirklich hilfreicher post, hab schon mit den pinseln geliebäugelt :)