CloverSac Handbag Organizer + Base Shaper // REVIEW

If you've been a long time reader of mine, you would have seen my review on the Original Club organizers (x) I did a few months back. I did say that it was a little too stiff and bulky for my taste, I love my Louis Vuitton Speedy to have a slouchy look rather than super structured so I ended up giving the Original Club organizer away. This time I've tried products from and I'm ready to share all my thoughts.

1. The Company

I only had amazing experience with CloverSac and their team. Their response time on emails is extremely quick, they replied to any of my mails within just a few hours and were always really nice and helpful.

Shipping was quite fast as well, considering the fact that their products ship out from Singapore. I would say it took about a week to arrive to my house which is awesome because nobody likes to wait forever on their online orders.

Their organizers come in 6 different sizes fitting in handbags like Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, 30 and Speedy 40, Neverfull PM, MM or GM, Hermes Birkin 25, 30 or 35 and so many more. I'm 100% sure there is going to be an organizer for your handbag too! Same thing goes for their base shapers, they do so many different sizes - there is definitely going to be one for your bag.

CloverSac also do several other products for your handbag such as dustbags and rain covers as well as bag hangers which can be put onto any flat surface such as a table and you never have to put your handbag on the floor ever again.

2. The Organizer

I ended up going with their Emma 28 (x) in the red colour to fit into my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damier Ebene which also has the red interior.

The organizer comes with a middle compartment that you can either put in or take out, depending on how much organization you want. It's devided into 4, with two poppers on each side to attach it to the actual organizer which I think is great.

If you take out the middle section, there are several compartments on each side. There is one big slot on the very outside which you can use to store papers or a notebook. Inside there are three little compartments, one being a little smaller than the other two.

On the other side there two pockets in the front, with a bigger pocket behind which again, has a great size for papers or notepads. On the outside there are two more pockets.

You also get three plastic sheets with your organizer, two of the same size which you can put in each side of the organizer and one bigger sheet to go on the bottom. If you choose to put them in, it gives the organizer a little bit more structure.

What I personally enjoy is the fact that the entire organizer is a bit smaller than the actual bag, so it doesn't fill up the inside completely and it still gives it enough room to slouch down a bit. That also gives you space to store more things in your bag, such as an agenda that you can put in the space between.

As you can see, the organizer is a tad bit smaller and also on the sides, there is still a little room.

I love how organized and easily accessible everything is inside my handbag now. Even though the organizer takes up room in your bag and you loose a bit of handbag space for things, I think it's so handy to have if you carry just a certain amount of stuff with you that you want to be able to find easily.

3. The Base Shaper

I also got their base shaper for the Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 (x) in the red colour as well as the beige. I own the Speedy 30 Bandouliere in Damiere Ebene as well as the regular Monogram so I wanted a base shaper for each of those bags.

In all honestly, I'm way too excited over a base shaper than is healthy. I've wanted a base shaper for those bags forever, but they're mostly acrylic which I didn't want because they're a little heavy and also I reckon they can break. I also heard people say that these base shapers can rub in the corner of the bag causing damage on the fabric and I definitely don't want that.

I did say I love my slouchy Speedy but at the same time, it's quite a nightmare to find your things inside. The CloverSac base shaper has the perfect size and the perfect material to give me all I want. It's just a tiny bit smaller than the actual base of the bag so it doesn't completely make the bottom stiff  and boxy. If I don't feel like using a complete organizer for my bag, these are so amazing to give the bag just a little more structure but not too much.

4. Conclusion

I'm so glad to have found both of these.

I loved the idea of a handbag organizer but each one I have tried so far just didn't work out for me. I'm sure they would be completely fine in bags like a Louis Vuitton Neverfull or similar tote bags that actually work a lot better structured than slouchy anyway. But for my Louis Vuitton Speedy I don't like the boxy look. I know a lot of people do but it's just not for me. It's hard to find my things inside the bag without a base shaper or organizer but I always much rather looked for my stuff than to change the shape of my bag completely.

CloverSac's Emma 28 organizer gives me the best of both worlds. It keeps my bag organized, I know exactly where everything is without altering the shape of my bag and I love it. Even if I fall out of love with the organizer at some point (which I don't reckon will happen), I know I'm always going to use the CloverSac base shapers though.

The base shapers stop the bottom from sagging which also makes it a little easier to find your things inside because they lie on a flat surface.

I couldn't recommend the company and their products enough. I might even go ahead and get the organizer in beige for my Monogram Speedy too!


  1. wow how can you carry that much stuff around?! I'm very minimalist and I just have my wallet, my keys, lipstick and phone! but i can see how this product can totally be usefull!!

    you have such an awesome blog! omg i love it! I'm following and I would love if you could visit my blog and maybe follow me too :)

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    1. if i use a big bag, i fill it up with whatever i think i could need at some point in life. but in reality, most of the things i carry never get used! haha
      when i carry my small bags, i usually carry my phone, keys, card holder, a lip balm and tissues only